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Tried the largest of compression stockings, still no luck in terms of comfort. Any suggestions?

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The stockings I have tried out so far have the below specifications.

1) Medi Duomed and Duomed Soft

2) Compression class: EU CCL 1(for Duomed) / BS CCL 2(for Duomed soft)

3) Size: L(for Duomed) and XXL(for Duomed soft)

4) Below Knee

5) Open toe

6) Regular length

Unfortunately, the stockings have laddered very easily and also

are too tight at the heel/ankle portion given that I have tried the

largest size in Duomed Soft(XXL).

Right now I'm planning to get Mediven Plus - one based on the

right calf, knee, and ankle measurements and another the largest

one available in Mediven Plus -- just to confirm at least one of

them works out well in any case. Also, it is reported to last 6 months

and is more durable than duomed soft. So, I hope that's real as well.

Any suggestions in this regard based on so far experiences?


11 Replies
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Sounds like you need custom made. They are ugly as but it gets to the point where u have no other choices. That's the point I've gotten too and its hard. But necessary.

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You may need Made to Measure - talk to your clinic.

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I have custom made on prescription which are far better than off the shelf as they focus the compression where it is needed most. I did think i would buy extra pairs but at £136.00/pair i stopped with the prescription route. I now get 3 pairs every 6 months.

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hi,sorry to hear that you have tried so many stockings.yes they are all very uncomfortable,I find them itchy as best bet custom made,but try putting talc in them before,medicated talc.I use marigold gloves to put them on!!! tried other kinds of gloves but did not get on with them.medi tights are my best one,s.good luck.

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i wea the active lymph grade 2 below knee stockings, get 3 pairs every 3 months and a liner underneath, I find them comfortable and they come in a range of sizes, lengths etc, Jobst ones are nice as well, good luck.

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I have Jobst made to measure ones. Because I have problems with them pinching around the front of my ankles, I have them made with a 't-heel' which gives a bit more material/room at the front of the ankles. I have had several brands and none have been truly comfortable for one reason or another and they have to be a certain tightness to provide the correct compression unfortunately

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Have you tried Sigvaris? The Select Comfort is pretty comfortable. It fits larger legs with ankles up to 14" in the knee-length. I have it in black and a nude color in open toe. If you need something thicker, the Natural Rubber fits ankles up to 18". I believe Sigvaris also offers a custom made.

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Duomed Soft isn't suitable for lymphoedema as it's british standard - for vein problems (not as strong as the European standard). I believe mediven plus is European standard so you should be much better in these. I use these with a compression class of 2 and they are perfect for keeping on top of my swelling. British standard compression 3 is equivalent to European class 1 I believe. There's a big difference anyhow. Good luck.

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Hi raghavan14, are you buying your stockings or ate you having then made to measure, if the latter then none of this should be happening. Please make sure who ever measures you is trained to do so as the compression has to be evenly distributed down your leg.. It should be measured every few cm,s apart making sure your foot and heel are measured properly.

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Hi I have just been measured up for tailor maid stockings thickness No3 . I guess I have been lucky I havent suffered with roll down experiences at all. Though I mostly wear farrow wraps anad have found them totally brilliant, once used to application no problems at all.


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Okay. Thank you all for your time and suggestions. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have got hold of Mediven Plus stockings but yet to try it. I shall update here after some considerable time about the experience so that others having the same problem of unsuitable stockings could get helped by that.

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