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New Lymphie support group in Surrey

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Anyone living near Guildford, Surrey interested in being a part of a Lymphoedema support group, you're welcome to come along to our inaugural support meeting the evening of 28th September in Guildford. Let me know if you're interested and I'll provide details. It's open to Primary and Secondary Lymphies and is a grass roots Lymphie initiative 😊🦋

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Hi Aprille

It would be really lovely if you could join us. I live in Woking and could give you a lift from Woking - might you be able to get a lift or taxi to the Sainsbury's at Brookwood? It's a little ways down the A222 from Lightwater. I could pick you up from there at 7pm on my way to Guildford.

It's unlikely The Fountain Centre as parking at RSCH has become so expensive. Also, I have no formal link to the Fountain Centre and not sure if they could make a room available for us in the evening (and they may close early evening?) The consensus of 7 people who want to be part of a support group is for meetings to be in the evenings due to commitments/work in the day.

We are meeting on Thursday 7:15pm at the Holiday Inn near the Hospital. It has a large reception lounge we can gather in and free parking which appeals to everyone. We will talk as a group about a future meeting venue x

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Lovely to hear from you, thank you for replying. I agree entirely with your feelings about a venue.

It very kind of you to offer help with transport and yes that would make a good spot to meet up.

I am away from home now but will send you contact details upon my return this evening.

More later although I am still unavailable on Thursday evening but that may change.

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Hi CCT67, Look forward to joining you Thursday evening at the Holiday Inn.


I would be very interested I live about 14 miles away. I cannot make this week unfortunately. As people are working how about weekend meet ups ... sorry just thinking aloud.

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Its lovely to hear of your interest. I have sent you a primate message - look in your messages folder in the down under your screen name above.


Im interested in any future meetings as I can’t make the 28th im only in Fetcham, so not too far to travel.

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Hi there

I'm just about to send you a private message - look for it in the messages folder in the drop down under your screen name

It was great to meet you all last night. Thank you Catherine for taking the lead and getting us together.

It's very clear that finding your way to the right/best treatments remains just as difficult as when I was diagnosed nearly 14 years ago.

Seems to me a " real " support group in our area was long overdue.

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Thanks Wendy, I totally agree, thank you Cat for arranging this valuable support group. You do feel isolated and all your help and advice is a very much appreciated. I think it's a one of those conditions where you have to be very proactive to prevent it getting a lot worrse. Hopefully I will get seen soon. x

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Hi Ellie, Yes LE does require proactive daily self-care and treatment. And it is an isolating disease in many ways, which is one of the reasons I thought there would be value in starting up a support group. We can be a resource for one another as well as provide emotional support which is essential for coping with LE, particularly in the weeks and months after diagnosis. I'm so pleased Lorraine confirmed your referral will be accepted at The Beacon. I knew the rumour was just that! x

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Thanks Cat, the additional support will make a big difference. Thank you. x

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I'm so pleased you joined us Wendy 😊 I wasn't sure what to expect when I put the word out that I was arranging a support group meeting. You're the veteran Lymphie in the group and a wealth of knowledge from your years of living with two lymphatic diseases and your ongoing involvement with NHS cancer related LE protocol initiatives. Looking forward to seeing you at our next group on 1st November 😊🦋 x

Hi. I’m on the Kent Surrey boarders and would be keen to come to your next meeting.

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Hi Jenny

You're more than welcome to join us! Our meeting will be 1st November 7:30pm. If you don't mind giving me your email (using the private message feature of this site - drop down under your screen name at the top), I will add you to the group email to confirm details nearer November 🦋

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