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What next ?

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After several bouts of cellulitis I was prescribed Phenoxymethylpenicillin 250mg twice a day in 2019 and am still on them now , with no recurrence at all until this week so I have started a course of fluclox. Anyone else had this happen, or any advice would be appreciated, Shoul I go back on Phenoxymethylpenicillin after fluclox.

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You need to ask your GP, and get him/her to check the Consensus for Management of Cellulitis document (available on the LSN website). If you’ve been on a prophylactic regime, you might need a longer dose of fluclox - they might also want to reassess the a/b regime.

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I have taken Penicillin twice a day since my bone marrow transplant in 2001 - not a lymphoedema decision at the time. I didn't have cellulitis or any other type of infection until around 2018! Which I now get every once or twice a year, every 2 if I'm lucky.

Penicillin is probably keeping away some minor infections but not the bad ones so I have a ''ready to go'' stash of Clarithromycin when I feel like it's coming on and if I don't take them I'll end up in hospital on IV antibiotics (this should be your argument to be able to obtain some ready to go antibiotics that are stronger than penicillin).

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I have a stash of clarithromycin too after a big row with the doctor's reception staff. I too ended up on an iv in hospital when my leg became infected. The doctor eventually put it in my notes that I can have a "rescue pack" as they've called it. It's stopped me from going back into hospital a couple of times now. Without me putting up a fight they wouldn't have done that, so I'd recommend everyone who has had cellulitis to ask for a "rescue pack". If they say no, insist on seeing the practice manager.

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