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Infared sauna for lymphoedema?

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Has anyone tried infared sauna? It’s meant to be good for circulation and there seems to be lots of places that have infared saunas cropping up lately for sports related recovery. It works at lower temperatures than the standard sauna.

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Infrared sauna is only slightly less heat than traditional sauna, it’s still extremely hot. As heat stimulates enlargement/swelling of lymphatic vessels which for many lymph patients translates to increased pain, you may find sauna rather unhelpful. I personally wouldn’t go near it, too risky.

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I would echo CCT67's response, I was told saunas in general were a 'no' for lymphoedema for exactly the reasons stated.

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It may be slightly ‘less hot’ but it penetrates further, stimulating the blood vessels. Not recommended for lymphoedema patients.

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Thanks for the replies. I’m always looking for an easy answer but I think I’ll give the infared a miss.

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sorry to sound silly. This must include steam rooms as well then? When I was on holiday last summer I used the steam room after going in the gym... Bad idea then... Just because it was there. I use to use it all the time at my old gym 😔

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Lynora in reply to Shaz09

Yes, sadly, steam rooms/saunas/hot tubs are not recommended for lymphoedema patients.

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