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Liposuction for lymphoedema



I have had primary lymphoedema since birth and after a few investigations these past two years I have been put forward to get liposuction in the new year and been told to take 6 weeks for the recovery. Has anyone else had this procedure? What was recovery like? I’ve seen liposuction videos and read a ton of info online but with the time off from work I’ve got to take I’m curious to see what support I’ll need.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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I have worked with clients who have had this procedure - for both primary and secondary lymphoedema - brilliant, life changing! Where are you having it done? Depending on which limb is affected, 6 weeks recovery is about right, but it can take longer, so take advice at that time.

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Hi Lynora, I know I cannot wait for the surgery! It’ll be on my right leg all areas including some of my buttock. The surgeon is fantastic and has given me lots of info I think I’m just concerned working in retail and having a lot of stairs in my place of work it could be a lot harder going back so want to be fully prepared.


My doughter had the operation in february 29 and is recovering just fine.we think that it went well and the leg looks for the pain ,there were for anout 10 days when she used heavy pain killers.ever since she is on cbd oil and manages .I think you should get the operation and you will survive it !good luck.

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Amazing news, is she still wearing compression 24/7? How long was she off work? I can’t wait for the op I’m just scared for the pain 😫

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Are you having the procedure on the NHS or privately ?

I know several people who have had the procedure and all have had very good outcomes.

I have been waiting 6 years for mine ! NHS won't pay ☹️ despite the latest bid, which was the 4th ,being put together my Professor Mortimer.

I was told I'd need 3 weeks in hospital to reshape my arm and yes 24/7 hose for the rest of my life.

Good Luck.


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Hi Wendy,

Yes mines being done on the NHS, the same surgeon would be doing it whether I paid or not so I decided to go on the 12 month waiting list. I think there’s a few anomalies with the investigations I had in my leg so they want me to have the surgery before I start having children. I’m really lucky, Cardiff has an amazing team they’ve gone above and beyond to get me here as I’ve always been told I’d never get surgery or qualify for it.

Yes I’ll be on crutches for two weeks and be in wraps for 6 then compression I’m hoping they’ll slowly ween me off it as they’re not sure if my lymphatic system has repaired itself or not?! So much has come out of the past 2 years it’s been life changing

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