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Fed up now....

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Oh I'm really fed up....not only do I have a number of medical conditions I now have an abdominal pannus. Am I able to try and find some sort of compression garment that would help? It's got worse as I've got older and now covers my pubis. Makes it awkward to walk too....of course, Doc won't do anything cos of my weight....🙄😥

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Hi sorry to hear that you are in a bad way I hope you get sorted out 🙂

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conturve.com have shapewear which might be appropriate for you. You might need to order larger than actual size to fit over the ‘apron’. Compression garments are available, made to measure, through your lymphoedema clinic, but might be a devil of a job to put on, especially with your other problems. Is your diabetes well controlled? Are you able to limit carbs?

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Thanks for that...I'll take a look. My diabetes is great right now....last HbA1c was 6.3 so I'm happy with that and so was my endocrinologist. She's discharged me to my GP diabetes nurse now. I limit carbs to prob 2 days a week....I find my IBS-D limits me to what fruit I can eat too....thanks...x

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I just wonder if you might get some benefit from MLD (manual lymphatic drainage)? The LSN can give you names of private therapists, and I write about this on aftercancers.com/Lymphoedema

Good luck

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