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New hope?

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Has anyone heard about a new "smart" sleeve that is being developed by researchers at Nottingham Trent University? Apparently it has electrodes embedded within the fabric to improve lymphatic drainage. I can't find much information about it, but it certainly sounds good! I'm not sure whether weblinks are allowed, but here's the article on the university website:

Fingers crossed!

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I think we both must have read the same article 😀I’ve read something recently but only know what you have mentioned.It certainly sounds exciting.

Yes, I wonder how long it will be before it's available...

Thank you so much for posting this. Sounds really exciting. Can't wait.

Sounds pretty uncomfortable - youll understand if you’ve had MLD with electrodes being used!

Oh, I haven't 🙂 Was it effective?

It’s just a small help if done regularly enough.

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Perido in reply to On_porter

I'm assuming MLD with electrodes is what I know as deep oscillation therapy (DOT) which I've experienced - I don't find it uncomfortable. Since the smart sleeve might be active all day maybe the pulse would be less intense or maybe it would activate intermittently. I'm guessing here, I'm intrigued and looking forward to know more.

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Good points!

Ah, OK, I did wonder whether that might be the case. I have had that and found it to be quite a relaxing experience.

Thank you sleeviejeebies. Realistically I would think it'll be while before this might become generally available. If a suitable prototype is achieved there would be a number of hurdles e.g. trials, production costs etc. Nevertheless it's great to hear that such research is being done.

Yes, I imagine it will be a while but, as you say, good news that research is being invested in...

Thanks so much for posting!

Indeed. Like all the other things we hear that may help lymphoedema. At the end of the day, I’m still stuck with compression garments and not a lot else - 20 years after diagnosis!

They are working on a something similar in the USA; not sure when it will reach the market though.

That's interesting. Good to know!

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