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Why are compression garment prescriptions so difficult to get right ?

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In the next in our series of "Ask the Experts" Dr Catherine and Anita discuss the challenged of getting compression garment prescriptions right in primary care.


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Thankyou SO much for highlighting this problem.

Another problem, in my experience, is the garment manufacturer getting it wrong. I've had the same prescription for a made to measure stocking since 2019. So far I have received 6 stockings which were not made to spec. In one instance there was a 5cm discrepancy in the thigh (the same error occurred on 2 occasions) and recently a 2-3cm discrepancy on the length. 4 of the stockings are unwearable and the other 2 are not comfortable. To be fair, the manufacturer puts it right but it's time consuming and stressful for me.

It's a long story but my latest order was triggered in September; it's now December and I'm still waiting for the correct stockings!

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Snobie in reply to Perido

I have exact same problem. I have an upcoming surgery a debulking procedure, where they are going to put on custom made flatknits on me — not even tried on before —placed on me instead of bandages on the surgery table and that is what I will be wearing night and day at least for the first three months until they make new ones for me and I’m thinking to myself I have never had one correctly made for me before how is this going to work? I haven’t even tried them on. I have never had one correctly made what is the measurements are way way off? And it’s keeping me up at night.

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ofcourse in reply to Snobie

Hi - compression garments should have a PIP code. :) when they get yours right you should have your own special code. The off the peg compression garments should also have a PIP code - then they can’t get it wrong. ( just do it:) x

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