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Cellulitis coming back?

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My mom caught cellulitis in her leg almost a month ago. She spent over a week in the hospital and sent home with meds. She wasn’t able to walk but now she’s walking around a little bit, her legs are peeling as well and a little color is coming back in it. Thing is she’s still in a little pain and tonight I felt her leg and it was kinda hot. Could it be that the cellulitis is coming back?

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Quite possibly - recommend you see a Doctor asap - are you in UK?

Sorry to hear how bad your Mums cellulitis has been. I had it in foot and leg and didn't know anything about it as I hadn't been diagnosed at clinic but when I went the nurse said you have cellulitis you may need more than 1 course of antibiotics I was so worried I had never seen a foot swollen and look so disfigured. It made it even harder to move about as I have M. S and osteoarthritis but my feet and legs were very hot and I had a terrible itchy rash. My legs and feet were hot a while back and had district nurse out but she said it wasn't cellulitis. But maybe for you Mum best to have her seen so a professional can say if it's back maybe the lost course of antibiotics didn't clear it up totally as it seems like it was a bad case of it. I do hope your Mum gets sorted and is back feeling a little more comfortable. Take care and keep safe.


I’d get to the gp to have it checked, hope she feels better soon

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