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Weeping leg

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I've worn below the knee compression socks for about five years. Before I started on them, I was weeping lymph fluid from both legs, but that stopped once I put on the first pair. I have primary lymphoedema in my left leg, secondary in my right. Over the years the circumference of my legs have got smaller. For two days my left leg has been weeping lymph fluid again. My socks are very comfortable, made to measure Jobst Elvarex CCL 2 AD. For the time being I've put an absorbent dressing over the area where the weeping originates.

Why does it weep? I shall phone my Lymphoedema nurse tomorrow, but any comments you have would be welcome.

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Hi Thomas - a break in the skin? A change in medication? A blockage in the body somewhere causing increased pressure in the lymph system? Infection? Lots of possibilities. Good to check with someone who understands your condition to be safe.

Having lymphorrhea since 2017 from overuse of my feet in taking care of my mom who had Altzheimers, my studies indicate that the buildup of internal pressure of the lymph in the area is greater than the tension pressure the skin and stocking, so the lymph leaks through the skin through small breaks or an ulcer, as the skin is broken down by the accumulated, slightly caustic, alkaline lymph. You need to keep the area dry from lymph as it can further cause skin breakdown and thus allow for more leakage. I use paper towels around my ankles held by my socks to drain the lymph, and I change my towels every 2 hours. The swelling in my calves has come down through massage, exercise, and periodic elevation under a warm comforter when I feel pain from the internal pressure.

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