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Worried About Blue Badge Assessment

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I have primary lymphoedema mainly in my legs and have applied for a blue badge as my walking is getting bad. I am quite stressed about the assessment I have to attend next week, as I understand it can be quite hard to succeed in getting a badge for this condition. Has anyone else had much luck? I used to attend a lymph clinic at my local hospital years ago but they discharged me after 2 lots of leg bandaging and my GP just told me to put up with the swelling, so I have nothing medical to back up my case. I use compression stockings and have managed the condition all my life but now things are getting a bit more difficult the older I get.

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I had no problem and my condition is not as bad as your own seems to be, just secondary lymphoedema in one leg.

Nor did I have to "attend" any assessment. I just filled in an online form ... with it being

renewed every (?) years.

You should be ok. Put on a show.


My council issued me with ne without problem so let’s hope you get one too I know how awful it can be. You want to maintain some independence and just need help. Jill

The one thing to remember is to stress how things get on a bad day and not just the day of the assessment. The Blue Badge should then just be a formality.

As with the earlier replies, I had no problem with the application. I have other health issues and mentioned my medications and was given the badge. My other health issues do not affect my mobility much. My problem comes when using buses. Wheelchairs get preference then mothers with buggies and several times I have had to get off the bus because of lack of space for my walker.

Hi,I recently applied for a badge online.

I have primary in both legs (60+yrs!)

I spoke to my gp before applying for the badge to ask about a letter re my condition but he was convinced I wouldn, t need one and so it proved as I got the badge within a weekof my application!

You need to let them know you have have a chronic condition which will not go away

Good luck😊

Good luck stargazer! From the other replies,it sounds like you should get one without too much trouble x

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BedfordBoy in reply to StellaM

Hi Stargazer,In my experience it all depends where you live as to how hard it is to be granted a blue badge.

It annoys me still that my late father, (who had an artificial hip and had terrible pain when walking), was knocked back on his application because the assessment person said he wasn't limping much! My Father tried to explain that he had good days and bad days, and couldn't predict when the pain will be worse. He never did get his badge, much to the family's disgust. I know a few others who had terrible trouble with the same assessment centre. Yet I moved from that area to the next local health authority and my application was processed online with no medical at all! I was dreading that because of my Father's experience but I had no problems. So good luck to you and I hope you are in an area that has some compassionate assessment people!

Update.........Great news!! I have been granted a blue badge. This will make such a difference to me.

I have primary lymphoedema in both lower legs and lipoedema in my upper legs and I applied for a blue badge over a month ago and I haven’t heard a thing since, not even an acknowledgment. Glad you managed to get yours Stargazer 1971.

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It all depends on your local council. I waited 8 weeks before I heard anything. Fingers crossed for you.

Thank you.

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