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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

In February I had a lobectory and afterwards, after first making a good recovery suddenly I was unable to keep food down I was admitted to hospital where it was put down to my leg ulcer 3 weeks later released only to be back in 3 days later worse than ever this time they correctly linked it to the lobectory but it took another 7 weeks for me to turn the corner but whilst all the bed rest had helped with my lymphoedema and the antibiotics for my new treatment shrunk my leg ulcer to 3 inches from covering most of my lower leg for the last year which is great.

Due to nearly 5 stone weight loss (even my leg's) my stomach has shrunk and I am on a high protein diet and full fat everything with no fruit and veg and drinking fortified drinks coffee and hot chocolate with cream and syrup which whilst in hospital with bed rest was fine now I am back home this diet is not helping my lymphoedema. I don't know which should come first treating the complications of the lobectory or the lymphoedema. Has anyone else been in a similar situation

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Lobectomy of lung? Thyroid?

I can understand a high protein/high fat regime helping with weight loss (restricted carbs) but you mention syrup - do you have sugar in any other form?


It's the syrup you use to flavour coffee


Syrup is sugar, so should be avoided with a low carb regime. Could you use Stevia as a sweetener instead?


There's been an update I have a leg ulcer due to the lymphoedema for over a year now but in the last few weeks I have had an infection which is getting worse is the diet making thing's worse. I have just had it dressed by the district nurse and it now has a strong odour with green slough I have been on antibiotics for a week. Also I have easy wraps but I haven't been using it on my leg since I was told that I had an infection as I was told ages ago that you shouldn't wear the compression wraps when you had an infection as it would spread the infection is that still true thanks


Has the wound been swabbed to check what sort of infection it might be? The current antibiotic regime may not be enough - have they considered intravenous doses?

If the infection is causing pain, there is no benefit to wearing the wraps.


The wound was swabbed 2 weeks ago and today the first one showed a lot of bugs and I took flucloxacillin for 7 days which is my Dr's one he always gives me and I don't think it works but usually when it has been swabbed in the past it has come back with a lot more than I should have of pseudonym. It definitely hasn't worked this time as usually there is little smell and the slough is creamy /yellow. I would like to ask if we could try something else as I have spent nearly 4 months of the last 6 months in hospital and I don't want to end up back in again. The diet by the way isn't a low carb it's high protein, carb and calories as I have lost so much weight and in the last 10 days I have lost 6lb


Did the recent swab show presence of pseudomonas? Flucloxicillin may not be enough, if you have taken this before. Has your lymphoedema clinic assessed you in the last 6 months?

Are your dressings being changed daily? Does the nurse wash the wound daily?

Syrup/refined sugar is not a good way of taking in calories (although donuts might fit the bill most days!!!!). Look up ‘complex carbohydrates’ - these remain in the system longer to give you energy, and don’t muck about with your blood sugar like syrups and sweeteners.


I haven't seen the lymphoedema clinic since last year as they felt that I had enough on my plate having just found out that I had lung cancer the problems with me losing weight 10 days after I had my right lobe removed and they said that it wasn't anything to do with the operation.

I have been on flucloxacillin most of the time since I had cellulitis except while I was in hospital and this time I think that the swab found more than just pseudomonas, my GP said that there was lots of bugs . Its dressed every 5 day's because when I was in hospital they did it every 5 days and it reduced by 90%. So that is what is happening since they know that if it needs changing I can do it although now I don't need to.

The syrup isn't the end of it. I am also suppose to have single cream instead of milk in coffee and other hot drinks which just makes me feel ill, not to drink water, squash or fizzy pop. At least 3 puddings a day and add either butter, mayo with extra cream /oil pasta sauce with an extra tablespoon of oil After losing the weight and still doing so I am to add calories where ever and have 2600 calories per day if it's just donuts then that's fine I'm not even near it today was a yoghurt, a mini wrap with cheese, a compact protein drink, fish and chips frozen on a tea plate as that's all I can eat at one time. A cup of tea and one of coffee no cream but syrup. Sorry it's so long


I have sent you a PM.


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