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a year later


It has been a while since I wrote. Nothing has changed. I am still seeing the plastic surgeon, still doing my compression. It's been a year but I am told my leg has to be as soft as possible for the procedure. My Doctor says she wants to do the procedure in the Summer. Just waiting.

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Hello. What procedure are you waiting for?

Benita88 in reply to AnneBury

SAPL Suction Assisted Protein Limpectomy. It is a form of lipo but it is basically the dead protein and waste being suctioned out of your leg and then I have to do a lot of compression to my leg to get it back down to size, which is o.k. because I like my machine.

Hang on in there. I'm sure it will be worth it. All the very best of luck for a successful procedure in the summer!

Thank you! I am excited and hoping for the best. I want to be able to give others hope, so I need this to work.

Hi Benita I looked back through your previous posts. Thankyou for updating. I guess you're working hard right now to get your leg in best possible condition for your SAPL procedure. I wish you every success.

Benita88 in reply to Perido

Thank you Perido. It is taking a while but I am counting the days to my next visit with my Doctor. Some progress is better than none.

Good Luck. Liposuction (SAPL) is the most reliable surgical treatment in lymphoedema for reduction in limb volume so you have a very high chance of reducing your limb size if you keep going with the garments after the operation. I hope it all goes well and it gives you a renewed lease of life.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I saw my doctor today and we are making progress but I will not see her again until the end of July.

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