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Hello All,

I have my lymphoscintagraphy scan on Saturday at St Georges and understandably I am a little nervous.

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I wondered if anyone who has had this procedure would mind telling me about it, how it was and how you felt afterwards. Should I expect any side effects from the radioactive isotope?

Thanks :-)


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Quick reply as about to go out. I had one just over a year ago. It was so simple I can hardly remember anything about it! No pain at the time and no after effects.

Hi my little boy had one when he was 7 he did fab, you'll be fine when you've had the dye injected you have to walk around for about 2 hours so the die can travel, he had no ill effects after. Hope this helps.

Hi Jemma I haven't had a lymphoscintagraphy scan but I have has a radioactive isotope for something else I had a slight upset stomach afterwards and they told me to keep my fluids up otherwise I was okay. Hope everything goes okay on Saturday and someone else will be able to give you more info about having a lymphoscintagraphy

Hullo I had it the Royal Sussex.

Basically nothing to worry about.

I had to lie still for maybe an hour.

to see how long the die took

to circulate in each leg. My left leg ( biggish leg) was much slower to circulate the dye so

evidence for NHS that I had LD.

So after test eligible for all LD

services. It's a good thing to have

and helps to get treatment.

All the best!

Hi, I had this before my LVA surgery in January 2013. They put the dye in my hand. It did sting quite badly but for only a few minutes. Then had to wait a couple of hours for the dye to go up my arm. After that no problems other than my hand going green. The dye does take a while to get out of your system so I had a green hand for a while but that's all.

Nothing to worry about, I didn't feel anything except for when they first put the needle in. I was instructed to go walking for 2 hours, I think, so I went grocery shopping and came back. You will be fine. If you can, hang on to the picture that comes out of it, you may want it if you later on decided to swich to another clinic/therapist.

Hello LymphiJem. Just a brief note to tell you that I had same diagnostic test in private clinic in London, referred there by Professor Mortimer. No pain at all. Secondary lymphoedema in both legs, a shock diagnosis for me just a couple of months before this test. At one point told to walk around for about one hour - had a lovely walk around Marylbone. Told not to wear compression stockings, so it felt great to be free of them! On return, just a lot of lying still in 'tube', listening to lovely music. Very relaxing.

As I was travelling by train, long distance to London, was rather worried about being slightly 'radioactive' near to children or pregnant women, and aware that although children are rather easy to identify, pregnant women are not! But managed by returning non-peak time, and all seemed OK.

Absolutely no after effects.

Good luck! Hope you to have great music piped into 'tube' too!

This site is wonderful for information and support from people who understand our worries and fears.

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AquaGem in reply to LegsEleven

Hi LegsEleven, I've Secondary lymphoedema in both legs & right arm due to Radiotherapy Treatment. Was your injection the green ink dye or a different one, because you talk about being slightly 'radioactive'? Lesley

Thank you all so much for replying to me. I feel a lot less nervous now about it and I am looking forward to seeing the extent of the issue in my left leg (the one currently affected) and to find out whether it may potentially affect my right leg. Lets hope it opens up more services such as MLD to me as so far I haven't been allowed it due to funding restrictions. I will let you know how I get on. Best Wishes, Jemma.

Hi Jemma, can't answer your question but can empathise as I will be feeling exactly the same on Saturday as I have my scan at St George's too. I am sure we will both be fine and come away with more information than we have now, so onwards and upwards, bring it on.

Hi Squinny, lovely to speak with a fellow scan patient on Saturday. I am in at 10:30am, if you don't mind me asking what time will you be there, Jemma.

Morning Jemma, well the scan was nothing to worry about, hope yours was fine too. Have to say what lovely ladies at the neuclear meds dept. sorry I didn't get back to you re appt time but didn't check here before I left. I was told that Prof Mortimer will check over the scan and the hospital will be in touch for a follow up in a few weeks, was that the same for you? On a lighter note we had a nice walk and some brunch on Tooting High St so all in all a good trip, let's wish for some good results too. All the best

Morning, Im glad your scan went well, mine was fine too very quick and not as painful as I thought it might be. The ladies are really lovely in Nuclear Medicine aren't they, I like the music too it's a nice touch to help you relax. I was told it I'd be able two weeks as well. We had a nice day in London too in between scans, take care, Jemma.

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