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BBC Radio 4 appeal on behalf of the LSN

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Tune in to the LSN charity appeal on BBC Radio 4

We are delighted to announce that the LSN has been selected to have a BBC Radio 4 Appeal on Sunday 7th March 2021. The appeal, which will be made by LSN Chief Medical Advisor Professor Peter Mortimer, aims to raise funds for the LSN during this very difficult period, and will also raise awareness of lymphoedema as a condition which can affect anyone, of any age, at any time and can potentially impact on every aspect of life. It will also highlight that much can be done to help the condition, and the role that the LSN has in supporting those who live with it. Please help us by listening to the appeal live on Radio 4 on Sunday 7th March at 7.54 am or 9.25 pm or when it is repeated on Thursday 11th March at 3.25 pm. You can also listen via BBC Sounds. Please do spread the word and donate if you are able.

It is not often that lymphoedema has a national audience so please support us in this.

#R4Appeal #lymphsupport #lymphoedema

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I've put it in my calendar so I won't forget I am looking forward to it already x

The dates are in my diary 🙂

I am just about to pop it my calendar too!

Thank you! Have made a note. Thats good news! X

Excellent news !

I’ll listen to the 9.25 appeal as Ive missed the earlier one! its great that we are getting some attention!💕

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