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Corona COVID-19 virus and lymphoedema


We have been receiving a lot of enquiries in regard to COVID-19 (coronavirus). People are understandably worried about the implications for those who live with lymphoedema. Our experts assure us that in nearly all cases lymphoedema alone will not make you more susceptible to the virus and together with compression garment manufacturers have helped us to create some advice and suggestions which we hope will offer some assurance and guidance during these times. They can be read here

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Thank you team!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Useful informative document isn't it Lynora but how does the lymphatic system cope with a virus or infection if someone would get the virus? Thought that you maybe have ideas and more information.

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I thought the document was useful and gave sensible information.

People with a compromised lymphatic system need to be as vigilant as anyone else, as Covid 19 is an unknown. Otherwise ‘healthy’ individuals will, and are being, affected.

Our lymphatic systems deal with ‘unknowns’ 24/7 - holding on to virus, bacteria and cell waste until it works out how to eliminate it.

Lymphoedema patients, and the general public need to listen to all the advice being published about self care.

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I think they mean, if we were to be significantly ill as a result of a virus, would having lymphoedema mean we were at greater risk of a poor outcome or complications than someone who didn’t have lymphoedema? And if there was a greater risk, what risk that might be, and what complications there could be if any... That was something I was wondering as well...

Fantastic document. Thank you

Thank you.

Thank you. I was beginning to get worried!

Thanks for the guidance. I have been home working the last few days, as there was a virus case where I work. All my usual social activities have also been cancelled. I have really noticed my lymphoedema has been worse! I think it must be because I’ve been at home and only out to the shops, so haven’t been moving anywhere near as much the last few days. That’s the only thing I can think of that’s changed. I’m going to make sure I go out for walks each day that I’m home working in future... I hope we don’t get stay at home restrictions in future, as I think it could make moving enough difficult.

I’ve seen the UK government is planning to ask the elderly and the vulnerable to isolate for a period of months ( Does having lymphoedema mean we are in the vulnerable category?

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I am wondered that too? I am 65, lymphedema in both legs, I have asthma, and obesity issues to, so I would be interested to find out if I would need to isolate?

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Contact your GP practice for more advice. Asthma does put you at risk, as Covid19 is affecting the respiratory system.

I was so happy for a second. Then i read that there are some exceptions for the rare primary lyphoedema . I had lungs infections twice as complication of flu within last 10years and cellulitis two years ago. So i think i am in the risk group :( ?

I worry about this response . Of course Lymphoedema doesn’t make us more prone to the virus but we can’t cope with it as well if we get it because our immune system isn’t functioning properly . Anyone who suffers from Lymohoedema knows how even the simplest of infections can floor us . This virus is far more dangerous . They are not recognising that fact . I think that anyone with secondary Lymohoedema should have been on the at risk list but I know we won’t be as it’s never recognised as a chronic long term condition .

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