Just over a week till LSN conference

I'm really excited about going to this and really pleased that I have the time. I'm really looking forward to meeting others wearing sleeves, gloves, stockings, wraps et al.

Yesterday I was at a morning event on lymphoedema after breast cancer surgery run by Breast Cancer Care in Edinburgh which was pretty comprehensive and mentioned LSN and this site as superb resources as it seems that a whole lot of people don't get to know about them.

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  • Fantastic! I'm coming too, although goodness knows if I'll be awake after getting on a train at ten past 5! I'm hoping to meet others with head and neck lymphoedema, also keen to talk to people who have had to work with their local commissioners to get a lymphoedema service established. Looking forward to next Saturday!

  • Really looking forward to going as well. It will be nice to get some more information and not be kept in the dark about lymphoedema.

  • I will be getting in my car not long after you are on the train Mcfad! I will be in the exhibition area with the pumps and various garments - please pop over and say Hi in your breaks - very much looking forward to meeting lots of you. best, NNE

  • Where is the conference guys?? XX

  • The conference is in Birmingham - organised by the Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN). It is now full but there is a waiting list - contact the LSN for more information.

  • I'm lucky to be going too. My daughter has just been diagnosed with primary lymphoedema and her leg is responding well to her compression stocking. She would like some brightly coloured ones and I am hoping to find out more about them. The LSN has been great and we are fortunate to have an excellent lymphoedema clinic nearby.

  • Thanks all I will look forward to meeting up with you all. I am coming down on the Friday all the way frae Fife in Scotland by train and staying overnight near the venue.

  • i'll be there!

    hoping the manufacturers might have some good corset ideas ... !

    & yes, it is lovely to be surrounded by other people wearing the garments & hear the latest news

  • I will be there too, but travelling up the night before. So will be enjoying a leisurely breakfast that morning :)

  • Hi again I am going to check with premier inn if you can join me for dinner on Friday night xx

  • OK let me know for def.as I am making arrangements to meet a friend who lives in Birmingham for possible dinner. I will curtail it to just afternoon tea and cake as I shall be in Birmingham around 2pm :) Will be lovely to meet another Lymphie! xx

  • Will do xx

  • Unfortunately I am sad to say that my plans are all over the place for Friday now. I have a friend who wants to meet up with me at my hotel at 3pm and another wants to have a drink at 8pm. Not sure about dinner now. Perhaps I should decline which is a pity. I may even end up having dinner in my room at this rate. I wont know until tomorrow what is happening for sure. So sorry lovesradio, I am disappointed but perhaps its for the best. If you see me at the conference do say hello (I will have two walking sticks with me so should not be hard to miss) :) xx

  • oops soz I see we have crossposted at almost exactly the same time! No worries, it's just lovely that you have friends that are keen to meet up with you! I will of course look out for you at Conference. It would be lovely if all us Health Unlocked peeps could meet up in person.

  • Hi again harpy1 it's fine for you to join me for dinner xx The hotel is the Premier Inn Birmingham City Centre (New St Station), Birmingham Buildings, Stephenson Place, B2 4NH and the Thyme Restaurant and Bar is open to non-residents. I have booked dinner for 7pm and would love to meet you. At risk of making this public do you want to text me a short description of your appearance and real name to 07870 428065 and I'll text you same back? It's all very well being private but it could make it tricky to meet up unless of course we rely on spotting our compression garments!

  • Hello, I have just been reading through all the info you put on the site on another posting. It is very informative, thank you. Right. I shall take down your Mob. No. I look just like my picture on here. Then may I suggest for your own privacy you now delete the post with your mob. no. on :) Look forward to seeing you at the conference at least. You wont see my nora batties as I will be wearing palazzo trousers :)

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