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Help with cellulitis?


Help with cellulitis ? Numerous times and GP wont listen for 2 weeks antibiotics or prophylactic.

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After repeated episodes of cellulitis i printed out the lypmhhodema guidelines for cellulotis and took them with me to AE and my GP and also had them with me as an inpatient with cellulitis. I told a junior dr to ask google, the lypmhhodema association or a micro biolgist what to put me he wanted to discharge me with a red hot arm after 5 days on iv antibiotics. I told him if he did i would go straight down to A&E.

Thank Gd he asked the micro biolgist and i was on the wrong cocktail i stayed another few days was discharged on by mouth and have been on proflactive ever since ive had one or two minor flare ups which a quick trip to A&E and one boost dose of iv have sorted out

So arm your self with knowledge and fight your corner

I have given my GP guidelines and lymphoedema nurse has written to them..I think I may make a complaint to surgery . Luckily I think I got antibiotics quick...last visit to A & E waited 9 hours for treatment then developed reaction to fluclox. 😢😢😢

Good luck my its marked in my notes so when i go to A&E im almost im and out in 3 to 4 hours with a blood test and one dose iv antibiotics

Sometimes they send me home but then ambulatory care for the next dose depends on my bloods..

I’d politely ask if they’ve seen the consensus document (via LSN website) or done the BMJ training module, and if so, why your case wouldn’t apply.

If you don’t get any joy, see a different GP (if possible at the practice), or ask for a second opinion. Most of all, consider yourself as not a nuisance. From bitter personal experience, the earlier it’s managed, the better. You’re doing the right thing!

I have emailed GP waiting response

For what it's worth, after having had so many problems trying to get the doctors at my "world famous cancer hospital" (their description, not mine) doing something about all the side effects I had with side effects from cancer - when I got Cellulitis I lost my rag and booked myself into a top London private hospital that has an A & E. Seen immediately - tests galore, centre of attention from a team of doctors and nurses, and came out three hours later with a reasonable bill and anti-biotics and a recommendation that I check with my GP to see that they were working OK or might need a tweek. Sure enough, they weren't quite the right ones, but produced paper for GP - he prescribed these on NHS - and touch wood, months later I haven't had a recurrence. I was probably lucky - but sometimes,, it's worthwhile spending out for one's health.

After several years and many doctors and different antibiotics it was finally determined that I had venous stasis dermatitis and not cellulitis. I agree with others, get informed, try a different doctor but don’t give up.

I always carry a copy of the consensus with me and have been in prophylactic anti b's for a couple of years now after several bouts of cellulitis.

Has it helped reduce bouts of cellulitis?

I've not had cellulite in my legs since I've been on them but last year I had emergency abdominal surgery and straight away infection set in around the wound and I had several abscesses which involved further surgery and a vacuum pump to heal it. I now have lipo/lymphedema in my belly as well. I am keeping infection free now though.

Thank you

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