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Just wondered does anyone have problems (in the UK) obtaining their garments?

My pharmacy have told me they cannot obtain my garments for years I have had to keep chasing up the prescription and bought my own cheaper poorer quality version instead.

Now, I have been told of a delivery service where you send your prescription and receive your garments through the post but this is difficult as I can't get hold of my prescription.

Just curious is this a usual problem?

Thank you

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That should not be happening in the UK. Are you on the books of a lymphoedema clinic?

Perce74 in reply to Lynora

Yes, I am currently on Lympheodema clinic books.

I receive my garments from them as I get so many problems when trying to receive them from the pharmacy :-/

Lynora in reply to Perce74

The company you may have heard of could be Daylong - some of my clients send them prescriptions, and have garments back within 4-5 days. More difficult with made to measure garments. My clients had problems a while back, when the lymphoedema clinics stopped providing the garments, and instead sent the prescriptions via the GP to the local pharmacies. Seems to have settled down now.

Perce74 in reply to Lynora

Yes, hopefully I can get it sorted but I have had problems the whole 6yrs since being diagnosed.

I am forever chasing them up

I think it is Daylong, they might be a good service it is the initial 'getting the ball rolling' 🤦🏻‍♀️

I used to get a problem with my pharmacy but one of the lymphoedema nurses rang them directly and since then it all seems to work well. Although I tend nowadays to ring the lymphoedema service directly they are happy to order garments and get them sent out via daylong as long I get an annual check up with the lymphoedema service to make sure my measurements are the same etc,

I haven’t had a problem with my pharmacist - he’s pretty used to dealing with my prescriptions now - but my lymph nurse did ask about it as she said some are better than others. I suggest you try a different pharmacist, maybe speak to them first to see if they have had experience of ordering garments (or if they are willing to take the time to do it properly 🙈). Maybe ask your nurse if they can suggest someone who deals with lymph patients frequently.

The doctors on the other hand can’t seem to sort out a repeat prescription for made to measure garments (not that they haven’t tried - they just can’t find the right code for made to measure!) 🤦🏼‍♀️

Perce74 in reply to Angelil

Yes, not very straight forward is it.

I thought it was maybe just me having difficulties.

Thank you for your replies 😁


My lymphoedema clinic has suspended ALL services (I have sent a letter and copied in my local CCG about that). When I called the clinic, just prior to lock down, I could only access the admin assistant who passed on a message for me to get my garments via my GP. When I explained my garments were custom made the assistant said she the clinic was unable to offer any more help. So I called the office of my garment supplier who, after a bit of persistence on my part, provided me with the details required for my prescription. I passed the details on to my GP and eventually managed to get my garments. It wasn't all plain sailing but we got there in the end - 2 months, some toing and froing, several phone calls/e mails later. I would say that my GP and local pharmacy were pretty good and the delays were largely down to lack of experience on my and their part.

I'm with the lymphoedema clinic at St George's, London. It's currently locked down but instead of my usual six-monthly physical check there, in the last couple of weeks I've had a telephone consultation and been sent a fresh set of bespoke hosiery (to my previous measurements) from Juzo.

Eileen28 in reply to frankem51

I am also with St Georges. My garments are ripped. I have no appointment until November. I was last seen in March, just before lockdown. After many phone calls I managed to speak to somebody . She said as I had stockings in March they cannot prescribe any. It has to be every six months. So I asked if she could send the prescription to my GP to prescribe. I was just told I will try and get your measurements, and get back to you on Monday. Watch this space!

Eileen28 in reply to Eileen28

Sure enough the nurse got back to me. She did a assessment over the phone. Nothing has changed. She ordered my garments for me. She told me to expect to wait about three weeks for delivery. Just relieved to know they have been ordered.

I love St George’s. They are so good there. So helpful. Very skilled, and very nice people.

I hope anybody having difficulty getting garments will soon get them.

I get mine through Patient Choice. My doctor surgery kept getting my order wrong so the Lymphoedema clinic I attend now sent details to patients choice, they get prescription from GP then they order and post to me. No cost for this

Oh dear it's a bit of a minefield isn't it. Fortunately I have had no problems thus far other than it taking a wee bit longer for my armsleeves to get from distributor to pharmacy, like 6 days instead of 3. Good luck everybody as they are such a mainstay of our self maintenance.

Your GP should be able to find the exact product on their system (you should know the brand of your garments which will make it easier for them to find). Then it will get sent to your pharmacy of choice and you can give them a schema number, which will be a code for made to measure. They can then contact the place that make the garments and it just arrives like getting them from the hospital. Shouldn't be too tricky.

Yes, I have even had help from the Lympheodema clinic the problem has always been with the pharmacy.

For 6 years I have always had to chase up my prescription.

Hopefully, it will finally be sorted as The clinic has sent a long informative letter to the surgery in the hope it will finally be sorted .

I've never had problems but then I'm on repeat prescription and just tick box (subject to 6 mthly checks at clinic).

I do go to an independant pharmacy, which i feel is much better than a big chain of pharmacies, where I receive a personal service.

You. Need to speak to your lyphodema clinic , and they sort it ,so you can regularly prescription from the patient choice

I usually go to boots and they are great and will chase them up if they don't arrive quickly but this time my lymphoedema nurse sent it to daylong and they had my garments but they kept forgetting to send me them next time I am going back to boots it is a lot easier

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