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Antibiotics and Hosiery

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Hi, I have lower leg Lymphedema and wearing compression hosiery. I have developed cellulitis and have been given antibiotics. One treatment nurse told me not to wear the hosiery while taking them is this correct and if so what stops my legs swelling?

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If the infection is new (acute) and your leg is hot, swollen and painful to the touch, leave the compression off. Once the antibiotics start working, and the heat and pain diminishes, then reapply the compression. Take cellulitis seriously - look after yourself. I'm on week two of antibiotics for cellulitis in my breast!!! Felt really sorry for myself, but took it easy for the first week, and the antibiotics soon kicked in.

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Hi Lynora, Thanks for you're reply. It is hot and swollen but not painful. How do I manage without the compression if I stop wearing it? No one other then the treatment room Nurse suggested not wearing compression while on the antibiotics the Doctor never said a word. What would you suggest?

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Don’t wear compression for a few days - rest, elevate.

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Many thanks Lynora stay safe.

You (and your GP) may find this medical consensus document helpful ie treatment of Cellulitis in Lymphoedema patients

Gravity is your enemy! If you have cellulitis in your leg you should stay in bed 24 * 7 until the cellulitis has cleared up and the swelling has gone down. The only exception should be for going to the loo. When I need to go to the loo or maybe taking a shower, I wear an older, looser, compression stocking. If you are having a shower tape a bin bag over your leg to keep the compression dry. It doesn't look pretty but who's watching?

Thank you good advice I am a little concerned the Doctor never offered this advice.

Your doctor may not have much knowledge of lymphoedema. Sad but true.

We are all different in the way lymphoedema affects us. This is my recent experience. I went into severe muscle spasms in my back just over 3 weeks ago. I didn't wear my leg compression garments for nearly 3 weeks. Far too painful and difficult to put them on. My legs did look a bit more swollen. I was resting a fair bit, though, and the weather has been cool so that helped. After nearly three weeks I felt able to get my compression back on again. My legs just returned to their previous size. I have to stress that that is my experience and we are all different.

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