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Washing powder substitute

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I normally wash my compression tights in washing powder for hand-washing clothes. But I'm going to run out soon and the shops seem to have run out too. Does anybody have any tips for what I can use instead?

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If you are using washing powder, just use a small amount, well dispersed in tepid water, and rinse thoroughly. It doesn’t really matter what sort of detergent you use, just so long as you don’t use too much. I do know people who use block or soap bars just applied on the ‘pongy places’ - feet & crotch!

Whereabouts are you? Our local supermarkets, now the hysteria has calmed down, have plenty of stock.

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caroline111 in reply to Lynora

I'm in Somerton, Somerset. I've tried all the supermarkets around me to no avail so just hoping they get more stock in before I run out completely. Will have to use a bar of soap directly applied as you suggest if I have to.

A small amount of baby shampoo or wash might work

That's a good idea. Thanks.

I've used both liquid handsoap and shampoo/shower gel. But bar soap should also work...

Also have you ever tried soapnuts? I use them for my usual laundry and they are also very good for handwashing. A fivehundred gram bag last months and months livewelluk.co.uk/products/l...

Have never heard of soapnuts before....! Just had a look and they seem a good idea. Thank you

You can use a little washing up liquid but really if the water is just hot enough that alone should be enough to get them clean.

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