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Repeat of cellulitis


Hello it’s me again

I have a question? When can u put on compassion stocking /wraps after having cellulitis....

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Hi Dojo2927. I've had several bouts of cellulitis and as far as I'm aware you stay in compression at all times. Maybe not just as tight but keeping it on will keep the fluid build up again. Good luck with this. Hope it helps you.

Oh Ok great ... thanks a lot for ur feedback

I was always under the impression u have to keep the leg free

Recommendations vary. As a general rule, many professionals say you can resume compression after 48 to 72 hours of being on antibiotics (antibiotics that are actually working). In the meantime, elevate that limb. Best to check with your Lymphoedema Clinic or treating doctor if you’re not sure about your individual circumstance.

It’s very much up to the individual. Some people find it too painful to don garments if the affected area is hot and inflamed. There is no harm in leaving the garment off - but Cellulitis is serious, and in the first three or four days, rest and antibiotics is the main treatment.

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Thanks for ur time and feed back.... my leg gets very tender to the touch.... it’s a lot better today..... I’m in meds ... so that’s helping a lot .... I’m going to try the wraps for a little while ..... today .... I’m trying to go back to work tomorrow.....

I always retire to bed for the duration of the infection and take my compression off except when getting out of bed for bio breaks. Wearing compression when getting out of bed even fo these short periods helps stop my skin peeling because me leg swells up VERY quickly once it goes over the side of the bed. I don't get out of bed till the infection has gone and my leg returned to 'normal'. Then when I do get out of bed I wear my compression on as before.

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Thank u so much for ur feed back .... I truly appreciate leg is very large (all the time)

When I had it this year I was told you cannot wear your garment until the celulitus was gone. After 2 weeks of antibiotics I was allowed it back on. I was told this by my Lymphoedema specialist

Thanks For ur time and feed back.... I’m in the NYC area and they only give me antibiotics for ten days .... I went to the Er and got IV antibiotics.... they usually want to keep me .... but I have a Down syndrome child and I have to take care of him.... so they sent me home with the meds....

Not directly relevant to the question but I want to share my joy at the availability of a cellulitis day-clinic at my local hospital in Kingston-upon-Thames. In the bad old days when I had an attack of cellulitis I had to stay in overnight for weeks while I was pumped full of antibiotics. But with the day clinic, I just roll up in my nighty (I can afford a taxi), get plugged into a drip for a couple of hours by an expert nurse and am then on my way. This is a win-win for me and the NHS: a hospital bed is kept free and I can recover in the comfort of my own home.

Every time I've had cellulitis, I've been told no compression until antibiotics are finished.

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Thank u for ur time n feed back.... I truly appreciate it....

I am under the impression that you should only resume compression if your intravenous antibiotic treatment has completed and the pain from the cellulitis has gone otherwise compression would in fact make the pain worse. At all times though you should keep your feet raised as much as possible.

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Thank u for ur advice .... I truly appreciate it

I have lymphedema in my right arm and have had cellulitis 4 times - 3 mild (oral antibiotics-Augmentin for 14 days) and 1 acute case where I was in the hospital for 3 days w/14 IV bags of antibiotics. I was told until the infection is completely gone you should not use any compression or have any manual lymph drainage, etc. This last time on day 8 it looked like the antibiotics had knocked it down so I put my compression sleeve on and after an hour my arm became hot and red again by the elbow. I then waited until the full 14 days were over to try again and it was ok.

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Thank you for sharing ur story with me...’and I truly appreciate your advice

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