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Any Recent LVA Patients

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I am considering the LVA Surgery and going to Oxford next week for my initial consultation and scan. Most of the posts I have read are very several years ago and just wondered if there were any more recent success or not so successful posts

out there?

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My surgery was October 17 you can see my posts on LVA to judge for yourself.

My last checkup at 1year indicated progress but still slow it can take up to a 3 years so I’m now halfway my next check up is April will update you all again then

Thanks Linda

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ilia2cuba in reply to davina70

How many connections did you have & where please?

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davina70 in reply to ilia2cuba

Left arm four incisions 14 anastomoses in total

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davina70 in reply to davina70

Sorry October 2018

Depending on who performed lva

Ewch of them may have different results and effectivness

Hi, I’m having LVA surgery later this month on my left leg at Oxford so I can’t advise I’m afraid but hopefully I’ll see some benefit

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CKE125Bel in reply to Wfdstar

I have my initial consultation at Oxford next week, for my left leg, so would be very interested to hear how you get on. Obviously I am aware that not everyone is suitable for this type of treatment so must manage my expectations. However it is very reassuring to hear from others who have had successful treatments.

I had LVA on my left arm in July 2017 for secondary lymphoedema following breast cancer surgery. Had a checkup at nhs lymphoedema clinic last week. Both arms measuring the same and no congestion in tissue.

I occasionally get a little swelling in back of hand but disappears with self massage.

My lymphoedema was mild and i’d had for less than a year.

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Prio in reply to Julie2233

We’re you self funded, and if so could you give me a ballpark figure? The Oxford Clinic sent me information but I couldn’t work out the total cost..

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Julie2233 in reply to Prio

I was self funded. It was a choice between a new car or surgery. I’m sure their tariffs have changed since I had my treatment, but it was around £17,000. A huge gamble as there is no guarantee of success, but for me it was worth every penny.

Hi there,

I had LVA at Oxford on 17 December 2019. I had both my legs done - 11 incisions and 21 anastomoses in total. I am already seeing reduced fluid in my ankles and around my tummy area. The team there are incredible - you are in very good hands. They will be very honest with how much they think they can help you. I wish you all the best. :-)

Hello, do you still have to wear the compression garments since you’ve had the procedure?

Hi there,

I had SAPL prior to this which means wearing compression 24/7 so I am still wearing them. However I am hoping to reduce the amount of time per day/night I need to wear them and reduce the type of compression I wear over time/as my legs reduce. Early days at the moment.

Hi good luck with your appointment I hope it goes well for you, I’ve got a check up this week and plan to discuss this process with my nurse to see what her thoughts are for me getting this done.

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Perido in reply to HazieC


I'm investigating the possiblility of surgery for secondary lymphoedema in one leg. I've mentioned it to 2 oncology consultants (I'm nearly 3 years post cancer treatment) and 2 lymphoedema nurses. They've all given me different opinions. Only one of the nurses has post LVA patients; she said one of them was pleased and one was disappointed with the results. I don't know how advanced their lymphoedema was pre surgery, or if their lymphoedema was in the leg or arm, or how well they managed their lymphoedema pre and post surgery etc etc. Then again, we're all bit different as are our lymphoedema issues.

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