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Ketoprofen gel

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Gel for legs has anyone used ketoprofen gel

I read about this says it can reduce inflammation

So I am going to give it a try

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Use huge caution as Ketoprofen is hazardous for your organs if used for an extended period of time. Leading international LE specialist clinicians/researchers/professors Dr Stanley Rockson and Dr Peter Mortimer do not consider Ketoprofen viable for LE treatment due to the known negative and irreversible side effects. They also both highlight the Ketoprofen study that looked at impact on LE symptoms had very few subjects ie it was a small scale study as opposed to a full medical trial. At one time Dr Rockson thought it might hold promise and then moved onto Ketoprofen’s cousin Ubenimex, as it’s much safer /has no side effects. He was the lead investigator of the Ubenimex international trial in 2015-2018. The trial was abandoned in 2018 after phase 2 of 3 phases due to poorer outcomes than anticipated. The pharmaceutical company that sponsored the trial who hoped to make lots of money had the trial shown good outcomes was unwilling to continue funding $ millions in the face of poor outcomes.

Dr Rockson is still undertaking research on Ubenimex and other potential drug treatment options. His medical mission is to find a drug treatment for LE. Drs Rockson and Mortimer’s LE research publications and videos are numerous, just google them. They are also the medical advisors to LE&RN/ Lymphedema Education & Research Network among other LE organisations

Sadly no drug treatment yet exists for LE but hopefully in the next decade


I don't think horse tranquiliser has been sanctioned for use in the UK on humans with the conditions that we have. If you suffer like most of us with swollen parts of your body due to lymphoedema there are some standard recognised safe treatments that we can have. Can I suggest that if you are here in the UK that you should all check with your specialist what might be the right treatment for you.


Prof. Olszewski im Warsaw is prescribing Benzetacil. 1.2 M units every 2 weeks. Intramuscular injections . Its an improved penicylin antibiotic. The idea is to kill the bacteria causing swelling and inflammation. I tried that and my swelling was decreased. As it has no side effects I think its worth to try. Perhaps you can convince you doctor to prescribe that to you if you dont want/canto travel to Warsaw.


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