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Just saw avideo by nurse doing bandaging. I think i will have this on my visit, it looks quite scary. Seems to be so many lwyers of differentc bandaging, apparently we can do this by ourelves, even toes bandaging. I could never do it, i couldnt bend over thst much with ostroarthirities. Also how do people walk , it looks so heavy and now if i do it wrong . Do you have to rwke it off at night and how many months do you wear it. Sorry for being a pain and thank you for your patience

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  • georgemichael- it is a lot of bandages and I have never had to put it on myself. I would see a therapist and have the MLD and then she would bandage. I would go everyday for 3 weeks and she would rebandage. Nour you do not take them off during this time. It is wrapped rather snugly so as to reduce the swelling. Bandaging has to be done in a certain way. If you have a friend that could help you would be great. It is a process and takes time but if you aren't in late stage where fluid has turned solid, it is the best way. Best of luck to you. Let us know how you are doing

  • It can look a bit daunting, but once you are wrapped up, they are usually quite 'comforting' in a weird way! Depending on the product being used, the bandages are either replaced every day (cotton short stretch bandages) or every third day (cohesive (a bandage which sticks to itself, and quite lightweight). Which ever you are put in, you will be encouraged to walk about - it speeds up the reduction of swelling under the bandage. You don't need to remove them at night - use pillows to support your legs.

    If you want to self-bandage, a therapist or nurse will need to teach you, as sometimes people can do themselves a mischief if they aren't applied properly - it can take a few attempts to get it right.

  • I've had my arm bandaged, it's a pain in the a** but not unbearable. I wore mine for about 3 weeks but you get it changed regularly, and you wear it night and day. I think it did help. My lymphodeama nurse also had a machine called a Physio Touch which seemed quite good so you could petition to get this at your hospital,

  • I had bandages with lots of layers I was a bit worried about it at first but I found it made a lot of difference I had them on to take swelling down and to heal a nasty wound which at first I told the nurse I do not think it would heal I was amazed at how quick it did within three weeks it was gone it was as round as I mug I found that once I got used to the bandages they were fine and I found it easy to move about in I had the full length of both my legs only trouble is when they put me back in straps the swelling come back plus also the nurses did mine for me

  • I recently decided to try the bandaging after living with primary lymphedema for over 40 years. I lasted three days. I couldn't stand the thickness and it caused pain in my knees. I have the utmost respect for individuals with Lymphedema who use bandaging as a means of helping with their swelling. I wanted to continue to learn how to perform the MLD but I was told by my therapist that wrapping plus MLD is their protocol and if I didn't continue with the wrapping then I couldn't continue treatment. It really angered me but there wasn't anything I could do to change their minds. Guess I'll look for a new clinic.

  • Sage7 do you live outside the UK? If you are in the US, there is a patient-run website - - where you may find help with sourcing help.

    It is out of order that the clinic gave you the 'our way or the highway' choice!

  • Thank you for the website info. I do live in the states.

  • After terrible pain in both legs I finally managed to be accepted by Leg Clinic who triple layer bandaged my legs. Such a relief. I had been dreading going. Soon into compression hosiery (once wounds were healed) and gradually getting back to normal. Just don't make the mistake of trying to go without compression. The swelling and pain will be straight back. Best of luck.

  • Thankyou PenelopeW I have been told by phone from Lymphoedema that I must not put compression till I see her so I just cover them with the bndage. Don't see her for another month. She brought it earlier for me but that's best she can do

  • Yes, the Nurses in the Specialist Leg Unit have to do tests on the vascular systems in your legs to determine what they can do. They had to wrap my legs in cling film because of the discharge so that they could do the tests. Felt like a turkey all wrapped up. Then special compression bandaging for a few weeks, then compression stockings and you must get into a routine then of rest/exercise/rest/exercise. All the best.

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