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After Vascularised lymph node transplantation

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I have gone through my vascularised lymph node transplantation on 7th August 2019. My both the legs was with primary Lymphedema. Currently both the legs are bandaged after surgery. Results are still unknown. Any suggestions how the success happens of the VLNT surgery?

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Good luck to you in your recovery.

I hope you are pleased with your results. I personally know of 2 lymphies who’ve had leg VLNT, one secondary and one primary. They were both told by their respective surgeons that they may not notice effects in their legs for up to 1 year post op.

They recovered from the actual op quite quickly and resumed their daily LE treatment programme. It’s best you follow after-care/treatment as advised by your treating surgical consultant/team.

Sadly, neither have had any notable change to their leg size or skin softening by year 4 post op. Some Primary Lymphies report positive improvement after LNT/VLNT, hope they respond to your post.

Hopefully you are of the lucky ones who find great benefits from LNT! Best of luck for your recovery and results!


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