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I was told by a specialist that there are now velcro stockings, the nurse at my Drs surgery ordered one, however I went to the lymphodema nurse for the first time yesterday, she has ordred the correct velcro stockings which come from abroad, I was previously told I only had lymphodema in one leg but now she says I have it in both legs and that I was born with it. The velcro stockings are very new on the market I have been told, it sounds as though some of you may need them, I live in Suffolk. She said that massage would't help as much as the stockings, any comments would be appreciated.

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What company supplies the 'stockings'? I can think of two products - one is Farrow Wrap, the other JuxtaFit, both are brilliant if you have other problems and cannot don the usual compression garments. Does your lymphoedema nurse do MLD at all? It can be useful, done regularly, to help observe skin changes - it also helps to relieve the nagging pain/ache of an oedematous limb (well, that's what my clients tell me!)

In another post, you have asked if you should have acupuncture. Not something I would advise, unless the acupunturist really knows their onions. I've seen a few disasters over the years. It doesn't reduce the swelling, but can be useful to relieve pain, such as arthritic pain, and the needles should not be used on the affected limbs.

I am new to all this! Have Lymphodoema in left leg but have ben advised to have stockings for both legs. Not sure what has been ordered until I get a call in a week or two. Would be interested to know more about the Velcro stockings :-)

Recently moved from your area of Suffolk after 40 years, now live across the county.

Regarding acupuncture, I have this treatment for another problem and it is helping greatly. A few needles do go into my lower legs, never thought that I should not allow this? However I have had infections/cellulitis in affected leg so perhaps I should avoid the acupuncture???

acupuncture is a big no no for the reason of causing infections

Hi Pigsty, Ive never heard about velcro stockings before. How do they work under garments or on a day to day basis ? do you have any links to what they look like pls ?

My MLD therapist just got these Velcro Bandages on the NHS for me,

Not sure if this is the same thing you were referring to .

Ive been using them for a month so far and I must say I am loving them! It cuts the time needed to wrap your leg ( sometimes I get back late and find it difficult to muster the energy to get the bandages and foam out) , You can also wear them during the day while you're out and about. I have primary lymphoedema in my left leg and sometimes I wear the bandage under trousers with boots.

I am not sure about the velcro stockings. I am a bit cross as the lymphodema nurse said I need to wear stockings on both legs but the specialist says i only need a stocking on one leg and from the ankle, the nurse has measured me from the toes. She also said massage was needed but I was told she would show me how to do massage? I wasn't that impressed with her as she is going against what I was originally told!! I don't know where the velcro stockings come from she said they come from abroad, I am getting different ones from the nurse to what was suggested by the specialist who arranged all the scans, what do I do?

Pigsty, I'd go with what the nurse tells you. She's the one who will spend a lot of time managing lymphoedema on a long term basis with people. The specialist consultant will be good at diagnosing but won't have that much to do with the longer term management.

I was diagnosed about 6 months ago, and got a very helpful letter from my consultant telling me the only treatment was to 'wear class 2 compression stockings all day every day for the rest of your life', and yes he did phrase it like that.

I would really like to be referred to a lymphoedema nurse as I think that's where I'd find out more about my options, be shown proper massage techniques and find out more about different kinds of stockings.

Good luck anyway, it's a difficult time when you're first diagnosed but it's been 6 months and it's getting better as I get more used to it all.

Thanks for your help, are the velcro stockings very hot in the hot weather, I was also told to wear the ones starting from my foot, can you put socks over them and does it make your shoes tight? I am a bit concerned as the nurse didn't want to do massage, I'm not that keen on putting stockings on each day as I get very breathless getting dressed some days anyway! I was sent to the nurse to have the massage??

No services will have MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) available on the NHS as a long term treatment. Generally MLD is part of a combined, intensive treatment used with bandaging. Compression hosiery is what will have the most effect on lymphoedema management. The massage can be done daily yourself if you are shown how to do it.

The new stockings which are now available through Haddenham Healthcare do up with Velcro straps to make them easier to get on. They are available on prescription in made to measure. This is a different garment to the wraps people are talking about which are more bulky and usually used as a substitute for bandaging.

My nurse who I saw didn't seem to want to do massage. I am concerned about doing both legs as I get breathless anyway, the bandaging sounds good, would really like other treatment like massage!

I'm not sure what company supplies velcro stockings. I do know that the nurse in my GP surgery ordered one type with velcro at the top and the lymphodema nurse ordered two with velcro all the way down to the toes. The Dr Surgery nurse only ordered stockings which start from the ankle which were requested by the specialist!

I am very upset today. I went to try on my velcro stockings ordered by the Dr as advised by the specialist, unfortunately I cannot put them on as can't reach to the bottom of my leg to put the last two wraps around. I tried the normal one without velcro a while ago and that was difficult for me too! I have curviture of the spine so have mobility problems. I also have oxygen. I don't think the Drs really understand how difficult it is for me, surely they would realise I'm not very mobile, I did tell the specialist!! I want to remain independent, there must be people like me who want to do the stocking themselves, I don't want to be dressed each day! My partner is sometimes around but he can't bend down either. Thanks for any comments to my last post sorry for moaning. I was told this morning the stocking was very expensive, made me feel worse!

I do feel a bit better today as I went to a lymphodema nurse, I showed her the stocking with velcro given to me by the Drs surgery, I managed to put it on myself by lying on the bed although my muscles in my wrists and back ached afterwards, hopefully it will get easier. My lymphodema nurse has ordered some different stockings for me, I do have lymphodema in both legs, the velcro starts a bit further up so should make it easier, she was a lot more encouraging than the nurse at the surgery. She has also ordered some cream and showed me some massage which I found a bit dificult with my breathing problems, does anyone know a massage nurse in the Sudbury, Suffolk area or High wycombe, Bucks area?

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