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Lymph Clinic finished

I have not had a follow up appointment for my Lymphoedema, i am lucky as mine has been caught early and is treatable with class 3 compression below the knee both legs. I was due an appointment last month for a check up and to reassess my compression. As nothing had come through i made some calls and found that the service has been discontinued in Solihull and there does not seem to be another within the area. I have managed to get a repeat prescription from my GP but the pharmacy has lost my measurements so i am having to use my old sheet which as everything is controlled at the moment will be ok. It looks like i will have to battle again for a referral to another clinic out of the area unless anyone knows of anywhere within the Solihull Birmingham area? Just another case of cuts being made without proper thought. I asked my dermatologist who didn't know of another. He also said he had a treatment that could help me with my HS but they weren't allowed to use it as it cost approx too much so i like everyone else with the condition have to suffer. Just wanted a chance to moan.

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What about Marie Curie Hospice? Is this the clinic you mentioned in your message? My Lymphoedema Clinic is part of an hospice. Have you tried the following web page:


You might find through the directory a clinic that might be able to continue your treatment. The clinic that closed down couldn't have disposed of the details of its patients, so you might be able to find your details somewhere. Good luck in finding a new clinic.


I don't know of any services in Solihull.

There used to be a clinic in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital - may be worth asking for a referral to them for 'continued care' - measurements/assessments etc.

There is a clinic in Wolverhampton - thebls.com/directory/direct...

Another in Lichfield - thebls.com/directory/direct...

Your notes will not have been destroyed by the previous clinic - they will be on a database somewhere, and accessible using your NHS number etc.


Hi you could try Mosley hall hosptail I know it still there I only went myself a few week ago


hi ya my clinic is in the Premier Inn west Bromwich


im just making you aware of wearing knee length stockings. I have been wearing knee length for awhile. and at the beginning of January I fell too the ground just above my knee my skin split right across you could see my knee bone it was not nice. Had surgery done to stitch it up. Then when I went to have stitches out got admitted to hospital again as really bad infection so was in for 9 days. So been told cant wear knee length have to have full length ones. The doctors seem to think that the stockings played apart in it. Soz I cant help you with your other problem.


Hi Bulls 1066

I also have problems with knee-highs because they compress the lower leg beautifuilly but merely move the swelling to the knee and lower thigh area. Full length all the time now! Strange, but whilst wearing shorts last week I was asked if I was going for a jog; If only!!!! ( I'm 63 with 2 lymphy legs and have Polymyalgia/GCA/Diabetes 2- medications for which make the skin easily marked/broken). Slows me down but doesn't stop me walking, even if it's for shorter distances these days.

N.B. Apparently it's the vogue to wear tights under shorts whilst jogging. Not to forget the youngsters with their tights under hotpants/shorts. We could become fashionable at this rate!



Hi, my understanding is that Solihull has closed because the Lymph Nurse Specialist has left and the patients were being transferred to Lichfield. The support group has also been suspended. Coventry and Nuneaton both have services but whether you could get referred by your GP is probably a long shot. See if LSN can help. If not ask the question on Lymphwhatoedema's Facebook page. They have members from the Birmingham area.


There is certainly a clinic at Warwick hospital


Thanks to everyone for their advice and updates. I shall have to see what/where my GP can get me referred to.


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