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Alternative to HRT for aching Joints please help

Hello can any one suggest anything to take for aching joints I have been taking HRT but the weight gain and bloated tummy has made me come off of it, I don't have hot flushes or anxiety because of menopause just aching joints are much better on the HRT. any suggestions for an alternative please Julie xxx

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Julie, do you have lymphoedema?


Yes although had the operation at oxford to link blood vessels to lymphatics which has worked but still have it very mild


Gosh I think I have come onto the wrong site, oops, yes I did a big blog about my lymphodema


I asked as I have clients with primary lymphoedema who tried HRT but came off it due to similar effects. They have opted to follow a dietary regimen, which appears to be working for them - low/no carb, no sugar, and one has no dairy.

I hope you get some replies from the other forum.


Thank you so much, I have just ordered solgar 7 from a lady who recommended them I will try anything, I ache so much since coming off HRT but I have just landed the role of Maria in Sound of Music and don't really want to add any extra weight for my role, its mainly my back shoulders neck elbows, I have also ordered vitamin D hope these may work, I have a dr appointment too on Friday to see if there are any other HRT that don't gain weight but I am not so sure. thank you for your help too much appreciated, xxxx


Hi Julie

HRT is not an option for me. I rely on a combination of things for joint pain that I mostly have in my hands which is exacerbated by LE (Primary) itself, and also from the daily donning of compression on both my legs and arms which can agonise the joints in my hands. I use a combination of things to ease the pain

-Solgar 7 (link below)

-Tea made with fresh ginger and turmeric root tea (with black pepper sprinkled in as it’s needed to activate the curcumin which is the potent ant-inflammatory

- CBD oil (topical as needed and internal 2x daily dose). The best CBD oils are not sold on the high street - they don’t meet the highest extraction standards nor are they whole plant, raw and organic. I source mine from link below





Thank you so much I have just ordered the solgar 7 begetable capsules, I am a vegetarian so these are perfect thankyou for your great advice, I will try anything to ease the aching. xxx


I hope they help you like they have me. Give them a few days to take full effect xx

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