Hiya gang, how many have a stomach like you are 6 months pregnant and how do you no if it is Lymphoedema related?

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  • If you think it my be related to lymphoedema, you really should be assessed/diagnosed by a lymph specialist.

    Is the problem there all the time? Does it fluctuate depending on what you eat or when you have eaten a meal?

    Are you drinking enough?

  • Hi lynora, it stays the same all the time doesn’t matter wat I eat or drink, most of the time it’s squidgy and soft then now and again it goes rock hard, to be honest there is only my arms that haven’t changed in size, I have had to buy bra extensions as they were getting tight even my little fried eggs are fuller but not bigger lol x

    How are you now, Is your knee ok now after ya opp.

  • Go and get it assessed by your GP - and if it is worrying you, ask to be referred to a specialist. Have there been any changes in your bowel habits? If yes, ask to see a gastroenterologist.

    Had a manipulation under anaesthetic on Wednesday, to force the new joint to bend beyond 50 degrees. Now doing exercises to try and keep it flexible!

  • Hi I have the same problem as you keep having to get larger bras and trousers really uncomfortable when I walk. Drs not interested since ultrasound came back”normal”. I’ve gone from size 10/12 to 16/18 as I have a serious back problems don’t need the extra weight Not eating anymore in fact less bet still the weight goes on

  • Hi, yeh my ultrasound came back normal as well so looks like no one no’s or cares it’s just a mystery, but doing my head in wat ever we have. Going to ask my nurse about it again get her to check it out next month when I see her.

  • I’m under a proff at Durham university hospital and been using peristeen irrigation but not doing much I have had proctagram and the markers with X-ray a week later and they hadn’t moved, I don’t think it’s that because wouldn’t it be hard all the time, back to see his nurse 4th Dec, and there is the rest of me bigger as well I’m not used to being wobbly.

    Hope you get full movement in your knee back soon, but no running 🙂 xx

  • Yes mine is also like that it goes from soft to rock hard it has been like that for two years very annoying doctor says it is due to my lympheodema I have had it turn angry red and hot trip to doctors for antibiotics I am very ill for about a week same as when my legs flare up I have had three bouts of it since middle of August roughly about every five weeks also it has stayed hard since then

  • Ah interesting to read this as I have also times when my stomach just bloats up and rock hard. Can last from a couple of weeks to a few months. I have reduced obvious irritants such as wheats and milk sheikh initially helped but now it can still happen even without these in my diet.

    Having read and viwed lots of lymph drain exercises for self-care, it seems obvious that the stomach area is the ‘collective’ area for fluids. So I now try deep-breathing and ‘’pumping” of the areas around the diaphragm and groin.

  • Hi Trn20, mine doesn't just bloat up it has been that way for over 2 year never goes down.

  • My stomach also swells up and goes hard sometimes it is like a football gone from size 12 to size 20 was told it could be due to lymphedema as I find it difficult to walk so sitting with legs elevated the fluid goes to the lowest point it's a no win situation and something I have to live with I get so fed up at times. I do deep breathing exercises either sat in the chair or laying on the bed as there is no cure and funding is low have been told to look after myself and speak to GP when I feel I need to or ask to be referred to LE Clinic

    Feeling so fed up with the size of my swollen bloated stomach is there anything that can be done as it makes me so depressed looking at my swollen heavy stomach i look pregnant

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