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Flu vaccine


Hi! The time for catching flu is already. I am not sure if it is right for us with lymphoedema having seasonal vaccination? I asked the lymphoedema specialist what he think about this and his answer was not clear. How is in your situation? Could you please give me some advice?

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I was treated, successfully, for breast cancer 4 yrs ago, afterwards I asked about a flu vaccination, I was told no, since the Lymphodema diagnosis I haven't even asked whether or not I should have one.

linda5151 in reply to Jennymary

hi i have this every year have had no side effects

It is an individual choice, not compulsory. I was treated for breast cancer in 2001, and was given the jab for the 2 years following that, but thereafter did not request it. Many of my clients, over the age of 65, have it done, but some choose not to have it. It doesn't actually prevent you developing flu - there are so many variants, but apparently it is supposed to reduce the effects by a few days.

If you do decide to have it, make sure they inject into an 'unaffected' arm.


I have primary Lymphoedema in both legs (and a low immune system from follicular lymphoma treatment) and have been having flu jab for about 10 years..recommended by various Drs. No adverse effects.

In fact going to GP this morning!

I guess it's your choice , my view for what it's worth is why not?

Best wishes

I had my flu jab a month ago. My nurse said it was a must and I would be stupid not to have it done. I have been fine. So unless you have other health issues go for it. The best person to speak to is your doctors practice nurse .

I have primary LE and have a flu jab every year due to bronchial issues which are more life threatening than the LE. I havent noticed any difference to the LE.

Thank you all for your advice! I am gonna speak to my GP this week x

I have it as with lymphoedema we cannot be exposed to other diseases as we may get cellulitus and more inflammation requiring antibiotics and the more of them we have the less effective they be. My gp was hesitant but luckily my employer gives it as I work with physically frail patients.

Flu vaccine is not for me. Kicks off horrible reactions which can last 4 or 5 months. Never again!

I have decided not to have it as I haven't had flu for years! Even when I was having chemo I travelled on trains and didn't catch anything so think I am lucky!


I know of LE Patients under the age of 65 who have the flu jab at their GP's surgery at no cost because the medical team looking after the patient feel it is important.

Conversely I paid for mine pre 65 as my GP did not think it was necessary although I did of course have it for 5 years post BC treatment free of charge,

I have not had flu, nor side effects from the jab but it is as others have said personal choice. Not sure what LSN says about this topic.

With respect to Flu jabs, if a killer flu virus hits Britain and we have a choice to have a vaccination to save our lives, it is a complete no brainer not to have it. Of course I would say that because I have COPD and Acute Asthma and I will take any action necessary not to aggravate my breathing problems. So I have had a flu Vaccination every year from about the age of 24. I also had a Pnuemonia jab about 9 years ago and that is the second one of those I have had too, so as these last 10 years I will probably get one either this year or next.

Once again thank you for all comments. I had very bad flu virus two years ago (first time in my life) and I was really bad with temperature of 40. So I decided to have a jab last year, especially because I was pregnant so I think to have one this year too.

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