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Breast lymphoedema, mld, compression garments and any other helpful hints please!

Six months ago I was diagnosed with DCIS. I had mastectomy with reconstruction (2 lymph nodes removed but no further treatment necessary) but since then have suffered from lymphoedema in the breast. I have had kinesiology taping, laser treatment - all to no effect. I am persevering with MLD (following Youtube videos). I swim half a mile six mornings a week, also do yoga, zumba and gardening. I'm 67. Also trying to lose weight and have pretty much given up alcohol! I would be grateful for any other tips and information on compression garments for the breast.

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Have you seen an MLD therapist?

What stroke are you doing in the pool?


Seeing NHS therapist and having some MLD. Do breast and front crawl - half a mile.


What type of reconstruction did you have? Have you checked back with the surgeon to find out why the lymphoedema is persisting (not that they’ll know - but what did they say?). Has the therapist suggested a night garment (swell spot to help soften the swelling if it is hardening)? What garment are you wearing in the day? I don’t have any answers - just questions! Hope you get some improvement soon.


I think you are doing a fabulous job, probably all you can but do get advice about suitable SLD or MLD to drain the unhappy lymph into healthier channels as that will improve things, as will getting suitable compression. You could try going back to surgeon or breast care nurse (as your surgery and recon were recent) to get more information and help.

Good luck xx

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