Hi, well I had my app at 2pm yesterday but when I got there I was told my nurse off sick so it was cancelled ( same as sept my app was cancelled) they said they rang me but they didn't I had no missed calls or voicemail message, the other nurse had a slot at 4pm so I went home and went back at 4, my sept app was to remeasure my legs to see if there was any change and that's all she done didn't want to no about anything else, I was asking her about my stomach but just said go and see GP but already done that had scans and there is nothing, it's big and spongy and when I bend over it just hangs like flabby loose skin measures 38-40 inches.

I will wait to see my nurse in 3 month and ask her about it and my other embarrassing problem that I wanted to ask about but wasn't going to ask her about it.

My lower legs have lost a bit but upper legs have got bigger but said skin was lovely nice and soft and thought I got my toe nails done by a professional said they were beautiful, that's the second time someone has commented on my feet.

Anyone got any suggestions on my stomach, could it be lymphoedema as well.

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  • If you have not already done I suggest you telephone the help line of the Lymphoedema Support Network

  • What will they do for me ?

  • They have a telephone help line. They specialise in lymphoedema. All their written information is endorsed by leading UK medical lymphoedema specialists. I can't remember if they have written information specifically on trunkal lymphoedema but they are your best bet. 020 7351 0990 or 020 7351 4480

  • Hi Anne, do you have to be an lsn member to get information of them or is it just for anyone.

  • You can phone them up without being a member.

  • I am endorsing Anne's comments. In the latest Lymphline they are highlighting their revised Factsheets and one is on Lymhoedema of the Breast and Trunk. Of the two numbers Anne posted, the 020 7351 4480 is the Info and Support line, the other one is for Admin.

    Good luck honey xx

  • I will give them a ring next week and see what they say and ask for some info but dont no if it is that yet but its embarrasing and doing my head in what ever it is x

  • Hope you get an answer soon. Pester your GP practice. It's no good getting fobbed off with appointments cancelled time after time. It's affecting your wellbeing and that should be a concern of your GP!

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