I was diagnosed with lymphadema at the hospital 5 months ago I went for my first appointment at the lymphadema clinic yesterday and was told I have lipoedema not lymphadema can someone please explain the difference I'm confused.


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  • Have a look at - there are some excellent descriptors on the site. There are also a couple of Facebook support groups 'Talk Lipoedema' and 'Lipoedema Ladies'

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  • Both are Lymphatic diseases caused by impairment and can sometimes be present together in a limb. Most GPs wouldn't know the difference as they receive less than 30 minutes of medical education on the lymphatic system.

    You may find the below website useful and there are a few FB support groups

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  • This link should clarify for you!

    Here is a LE specialists explanation the difference between LE and Lipedema

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  • The Lymphoedema Support Network have information on both. Have a look at their website . They also have a telephone help line , details on website.

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