Lymphoedema sufferer

Trying to find somewhere l can get Lyphoedema treatment, my specialist has had to retire, any recommendations? Mine is due to many operations.

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  • Doctor or therapist? Contact the LSN helpline - they will be able to give you details.

  • Thank you, will do

  • As Lynora says contact the LSN, Lymphoedema Support Network. They have a website and a telephone help line (details on their website). They have information on clinics.

  • Thank you, I will try that

  • Can your specialist recommend other therapists nearby?

  • There isn't one, l was at the hospital and he said to try Mount Vernon.

  • As well as calling the LSN, you could try this link and put in your town to find other therapists (on this site, look for MLD DLT for the more highly trained therapists) -

  • Thank you, I have done that and found someone in Letchworth, just waiting for an appointment, will let you know what happens.

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