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finding it hard getting up and going too work

hello all lymp sufferers , I suffer with lymphoedema in both feet ankles knees thighs, and hands, I am finding getting motivated, and had final warning for non attendance at work, I wondered where I stood and get help to pay my rent and the situation is can iclaim benefits can I be aloud to be on sick ness benefits, because when it flares up I finding it difficult to bend and walk have a good day andrew

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I think you first need to address your lack of motivation in as much as: are you getting the correct treamtment for your condition and wearing compression? Lymphoedema is a tough thing to deal with but it is important that you don't let it own you or use it as a crutch. Work is important and it gets you out there meeting with colleagues and friends, to say nothing of the financial benefits. I am not sure which country you are living in. i would start with a trip to your GP to discuss your lack of motivation and make sure you are getting the right support and treatment. NNE


What support has your employer given you? Disciplinary action has to go hand in hand with an action plan to get you back to work.

Has you employer made any reasonable adjustments to make it easier for you to attend. These can range from a later start time, going part time, compressing your hours to 3 or 4 days a week or ultimately any changes to your working environment to assist you at work.

It all depends on who you work for, and especially the size of the organisation. A large employer can be far more "reasonable" with their adjustments than a small employer. If you subscribe to a union, then get them involved.

There is a lot of case law out there about employees rights with regards to disabilities, so don't despair make sure your employer is working for you to help you work for them.


thank you for your time in replying to my post will take on board your advice

kind regards andrew


Hi there, sorry to hear of your situation. As the previous person said, you should go to your GPs first. Find out if there is a Lymphodema clinic near you as these are the best places to get advice on how to manage your condition. Even if you have to travel to get there it would probably be better. I assume your workplace know of your health issues. If not you need to tell them or get your GP to write to them. If you condition is managed better you will feel able to attend work more often. Good luck!


thank you very much for your reply



thank you so much for replying


Hi i do feel for you i felt the same i have lympheodema in my leg and grion i found it hard

some mornings to get motivated when you know how rough you will feel at the end of your

working day. Do go and see your gp you can ask the doctor to write a letter for you to your

employers outlining your condition and any problems this creates at work. My specialist did

this for me as i was working full time before i had my operation when i developed lympheodema

there was no way i could e on my feet all day as i swell so much.I requested a meeting with my

managers and im so glad i did i now work 9am till 2pm four days a week with a day off in the middlei have extra breaks to elevate my leg im coping much better with the changes. Im much more

motivated now and really do believe you need to get out the house otherwise its too easy to fall

into depression like i did. Im feeling much etter now although i wont lie i still get days when

i could quite easily stay in bed but i make myself get up and out and feel better when ive done so.

Ive cut my hours by half so i went to my local citazans advice bureau and they gave me the forms

to apply for housing and council tax benifit i now recieve. Goodluck let us know how you go x


thank you very much for your time in replying to my post, I work in a fast environment laying cronrete floors and if I have time off I am letting the team down and its all go we don't stop until the concrete is on the floor and my bosses work colleages call me a wimp, so thank Alison louise andrew


it must be tough in that line of work people really dont understand our condition and how

it makes us feel. I can see its not easy asking for breaks etc when your working as a team

with the guys especially when they are messing about calling you a wimp when your definatly

not!!!!! It might be worth your while maybe trying to find another job in the future i know thats

hard the way things are at the moment on the job front we are lucky to have one but there

will come a time im sure when this line of work is just too much i know i couldnt do what you

do i hope things improve for you take care


thank you so much i have found a place where there is other sufferers and i am not the only w ith this horrid condition

kind regards


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