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Attendance Allowance?

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Has anyone here been successful in applying for AA because they need help getting compression stockings on and off

Im thinking of applying,have lots of trouble( due to Arthritis in hands and very weak arms due to CFS/ ME) pulling up my stockings from toes to top of thighs

( lympho and lipo in both legs and wearing thigh thighs that have a belt that goes thru each stocking and fastens round waist..very uncomfortably i must add,and the velcro v itchy.)

plus all the adjustments required to the stockings during the course of a days wear.

Just had a clinic appt where i asked for and was given a ' butler' to help me get my stockings on....but it still requires more dexterity and stamina than i have,to put my stockings on,even tho it does help. And doesnt solve prob of getting them off again.

Ive also been given some 'off the shelf thigh highs kept up with skin glue' stockings,which are easier to use,but i doubt they give the same help and support as the thick flat knit made to measures? But they are a dream to wear compared to the flat knits,tho still a bit of a tussle getting them on/ off.

Second question,do other folk find it a bit ' ouch' taking off glued stockings? Skin at top of thighs is quite tender. 🙄🙄🙄 sorry for all the moaning! X

15 Replies
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Hi.....I successfully got attendance allowance I used the free benefits advice centre to complete the forms. I have both lymph and lipo in my legs and have other health problems. I wear full leg compression stockings and have had both”off the shelf” and made to measure flat knit stockings. Though the flat knit are good for compression they seem to gather at back of knee which becomes uncomfortable, even when using the glue. I have reverted back to the “off the shelf” for the summer as they stay up better without glue. Regarding the glue, I’ve found I have become sensitive to it as you the end of the day I just want to rip off the stockings......stopped the glue brilliant.

Good luck with your application for attendance allowance😋

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StellaM in reply to Hepsibar

Thanks for yr comments Hepsi! So glad you got it..was that without having to go to appeal? X

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Hepsibar in reply to StellaM

I dint have to appeal .....the advice centres are so used to these forms etc ..they ask you questions on your capabilities that you never thought of before completing the various sections .....another tip don’t go for the highest award as you always get turned down I was told.

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StellaM - if that's not a justified moan ...! I think we should all 'moan' a lot more. With a lot of different long term side effects to sort out, I've found the more I 'moan' the better my care. I'd waited 9 months for a referral to one consultant; phoned GP and he told me "you have had a lot of referrals to consultants'. I hit the roof, told him that was because poor care had meant I ended up with all these conditions. He then sent off an urgent referral - they can do that - and I was seen 10 days later. So let's stop being wimps, and use this excellent forum to demand what others get in different areas of this unfair NHS post-code lottery.

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StellaM in reply to veriterc

Thanks veriterc. Well done on getting the GP to finally jump to it and get the referral. 🤗🤗🤗

Thats terrible to have to wait nine months.

My GP admitted she had no idea who to refer me to,but wd get back to me. When i rang her a few weeks later,to ask how she was getting on,she said she had FORGOTTEN! But then sorted it quickly.if i hadnt rung back,i wd still be waiting now!

Whats that saying ..the squeaky wheel gets the oil? Xx

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Yes, no reason why you should not get AA. but, be careful how you fill the form in !!! let them know how badly you need help, etc, otherwise, one slip up and you will not get it. I requested it myself a couple of years ago - a big form to fill in - but I did it on my own - all went well, and I received AA. I had a masectomy 4 yrs ago and lymph nodes all removed so developed bad lympho in my arm. go for it, what have you got to lose anyway.... pam

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StellaM in reply to barkshire47

Glad you got it barkshire,well done! Will let you know how i get on x

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barkshire47 in reply to StellaM

yes, please do. no reason why if some get it, all shouldn't !!!!

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In applying for attendance allowance, the key is describing the exact nature of the help you need and its repercussions. For example the help of another person, equipment and how frequent is the help required. Help with compression garments may be part of the help along with shoes, clothes, socks and knock on impacts like housework cleaning etc.

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thanks Gerald! Good point re arthritic hands make all of the things you mention difficult. Was reflecting on this just now,i tried to fold up a heavy counterpane,but have had to leave it in a heap til family or friends pop in,as it was just too painful for me to do it myself x

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I successfully applied for AA . I have documentation from the last ten years regarding my health problems and copied them all and enclosed them in my application. I received the full amount without needing a face to face assessment much to my amazement. I can only advise you to fill in the forms stating how you are on your worst days,not the days when you feel you can cope. Just be aware there are about 40 pages to fill in and some of it may seem irrelevant but be careful how you answer the questions. I wish a cure could be found for this awful disease as easily as I found this process. Good luck.xx

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Thanks Linda. I' m glad it went smoothly for you,good advice to include all relevant paperwork with the application! I too wish there was a cure for this. My other health problem is CFS/ ME for 22 years and there's no cure for that either 🙁🙁 X

A A rather than PIP ?

I'd be interested to know how people over 65 choose between the two.

When I was working I used to help people with benefits and still retain a fair amount of knowledge.

I've helped people callled to tribunal in the past when their "transfer" from DLA to PIP failed all of whom have been successful.

Gerald is quite right, there is a definite knack to providing evidence.

Good Luck with it.

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Thanks Aprille. I assumed i was too old,seventy this year,for PIP

Have just finished filling it out ( with advice centre help) and have included relevant paperwork today. Exhausted by it,but might drag myself out to the nearby postbox rather than wait til i go out tomorrow afternoon,as the return by date is very close.

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A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO GAVE ME HELP AND ADVICE! I have been awarded AA and I know the replies i got here helped me with the form filling,and like HEPSIBAR suggested, i went into an advice centre and the lady there made sure that I was looking at my problems realistically,and focusing on how I am on bad days rather than slightly better days.


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