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Anyone with cellulitis? how did you get diagnosed?


wondering if a blood test would show but not sure which test to ask for - thinking of paying for it as NHS Gp's have failed to test for bacterial infection and I been ill for 5 months and dr's not giving me a diagnoses or referrals. Had lots of blood tested but they didn't test for bacteria and I'm sick of going to Gp's -

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If your GP will not diagnose, have you asked for an appointment with a different GP or considered calling NHS 24 or turning up at A&E? What was the blood test for?

Cellulitis is often diagnosed visually - affected skin area/corresponding symptoms such as high temperature.

Do you have Lymphoedema? Other medical conditions?

There are few, if any, doctors on this site, and diagnosis via the Internet is not really an option. You need to go back to your GP.

I get the red burning patches on my thighs/knees/buttocks but it comes and goes as I move/walk or sit/lye also swelling and lumps in my groin. I get red painful swelling on my knees front and back and sometimes small swelling round my ankles but it changes and the gps say they can't feel lumps in my groin and say it all looks normal. I have presented at A&E and was blue lighted in an ambulance once as my temp was so high but within the 4 1/2 wait my symptoms changed and the severe redness calmed to a mottled rash and because I'd had the symptoms for a while they just said I need to go to Gp as a&e is for things that just happen and trauma and they didn't see it as an emergency. The fever also comes and goes and it's not all over just in patches around my body for example lower back if I been sitting a while. I have some antibiotics (metronidazole) for a vaginal bacteria which showed on a test at the Gum clinic and feel a little bit better this morning but I am still sore and now have pain in my upper right arm near the arm pit. I've seen that many different gps but they read the notes of each other and come to the same conclusion that I look okay and there's nothing they can do apart from offering me a chance to talk to someone. I have a rectocele which I am waiting and waiting for an appointment to come and then there will be another long wait as it appears the NHS is over run. I also have Raynards and have had Chrones and as soon as the hear this they also say theres nothing we can do it's just one of those things.

Cellulitis is obvious - the skin turns pink-red-deep red, and its warm or hot to the touch. Usually the nearest lymph nodes swell up, too. A blood test isn't usually a diagnostic tool used for cellulitis. I've had C three times in the past year in my Lymphie legs. Lots of antibiotics and second line antibiotics have resolved it, until the next episode. I've been lucky not to be in hospital for intravenous antibiotics, probably as I've spotted it straight away - it starts with my groin nodes swelling up to size of a pear. if you don't have the obvious symptoms of Cellulitis it's likely you're feeling unwell for 5 months is down to something else....

I just had a severe bout of cellulitis in my leg that I had SAPL surgery on three months ago. It started out my toe felt pinched. Like my foot was swollen and pinching my toe. Toe was slightly red. Then all was well for 2 days. On Thursday morning I woke up feeling good. Around 1pm my leg started feeling uncomfortable. By 3:30 pm leg is really hurting so I remove my garment to look. It was flaming angry res from foot to just below knee. I went to Emergency room and was seen right away. They wanted to do blood test, ultra sound and CT scan before giving me antibiotics. An hour and a half later redness increased to 3 inches above knee and they finally started me on iv antibiotics. Was hospitalized until Sunday. Am still on antibiotics at home for 10 days. Not a fun few days. One doctor wanted me to leave the garment off my keg. My surgeon said to keep it on. I went with my surgeon's advise. Every time I did take it off my leg felt worse. The garment seemed to help with the pain. Doing better now but leg is still sore. I'm taking it easy this week. Was the worst case I've ever had.

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Sounds like the ER staff were being ultra cautious and checking in case of DVT - especially with the recent surgical history. Glad they got you sorted and that you are on the mend - albeit it slowly!

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