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Was at the clinic yesterday I have lost about a liters of fluid between both my legs.Have to go for tests to the Doctor and he has given me stockings that you have Velcro round the waist instead of the tights as I said to him about feeling like the waist was like a tourniquet he had a look at my tummy and said it was bloated so need bloods done to rule out a hernia so see what that shows up anything have to see him in eight weeks xx

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Hi Liz hope loosing the liquid is a good thing for you, how did that come about, I have been to the clinic up here, got stockings, one pair stays up they other pair is rubbish, looks like you could be pulling your knickers up. Ha Ha . If you do have a Hernia that should be ok, I had one on the tummy, made a big difference only it was not done withy any empathy in the appearance, wish I had understood beforehand what the end game of the aesthetic 's would be, feel as I am older it was left unsightly. You should question what it will look like in your case, wish I had. Good luck.


Hi Liz this all sounds like good news for you. And a good thing that your doctor is investigating your bloated tummy! Too many seem to fob people off.

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I must admit that I have a really good doctor we have a good laugh when I see him and he is only a young doctor x


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