Top Tips for self management of lymphoedema

Hi all this guide has been produced by the Macmillan Lymphoedema Project for Scotland with the help of people living with lymphoedema alongside health professionals also working in this field. It is available now in hard copy but for all you web savvy peeps you can find it at

and it is also on NHS Inform and Macmillan Cancer Support lymphoedema web pages.

Happy reading all

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this link. The site has loads of really interesting news and the tips are useful. I have had secondary lymphoedema following cancer treatment for two years now and I thought I knew a lot about self management... this is a great reminder and has extra tips too.

  • brilliant, lovesradio, thanks so much for sharing

    as well as being useful for us, i'd suggest it's also good for, eg, taking to any atos appointments & giving healthcare providers who've forgotten some of their basic anatomy cos the 'what's this lymph stuff anyway' is great

    really good resource, i'll be sharing it liberally, thanks again

  • Thank you for sharing this, it makes interesting reading. I will be investigating some of the links in the document and on the website.

  • Delighted to know that you are finding it useful everyone xx

  • Thank you, lovesradio!

  • Thanks for the link lovesradio i will look it up x

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