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Hi folks,i'm new here


I'm waiting for an appointment re cause of swollen ankles and swelling above and in front of knees. No pain tho nor itching or redness,and no pitting when i press.

Have just lost a lot of weight..before this, assumed swellings were just part and parcel of general fatness!

My GP referred me for investigation early January. Not sure how long will wait for appt.

How long did you wait for initial appts and for follow ups?

Can you tell me what typically happens at an initial appt?

Thanks for reading! X

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Hi & welcome, I'm probably not the best person to reply as still waiting on 1St appointment. Mine started with swelling then pain, then itchiness. Now they also burn, hopefully this wont happen to you but if does you'll be aware. I hope you get an appointment soon. I am learning from this site great bunch off people, takecare

Thanks Lynne!

Sorry to hear about your pain,itchiness and burning.

Hope you don't have to wait much longer for your appt. X

Lynne-byn in reply to StellaM

Thanks StellaM right back out at you girl x

If you see a lymphoedema nurse or physiotherapist the circumference of your limbs will be measured at 1cm intervals and results fed into a computer programme that will give swelling a % rating compared to the unswollen parts. You will be given advice on skincare, exercise and possibly shown suitable simple lymph drainage. You may be offered compression garments if your specialist stocks these, not all do. Unfortunately service is not standardised around the country.

Thanks lovesradio,thats very helpful! Have a good weekend x

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