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Hello, wonder if I could get some advice please.

Does cellulitis come under lymphoedema? I am confused as I can't seem to find any community that covers cellulitis. I have asked for advice about my cellulitis on the my skin community and, I have received a reply. The advice also stated that I should get a leaflet from the lymphoedema support network about cellulitis. Thank you in advance.

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Hi caz59, the advice I'd give is to contact the LSN, I'm sure they'll have someone you can talk to about this, although I'll also say that my friends partner was in hospital with cellulitis and he doesn't have Lymphodema

Hi caz - cellulitis has a tendency to go for people with compromised lymphatics - such as those people with Lymphoedema and Lipoedema - or people who have been undergoing cancer treatment - or people who are normally fit!!!

Because it is caused by a bacteria that is resident on every human skin, it just needs a 'point of entry' and off it goes, causing mayhem both locally in the skin, and sometimes systemically, making people very ill. Jennymary gave good advice - contact the LSN, who have leaflets about this.

Yes, as the others have said contact the LSN, Lymphoedema Support Network. They also have a telephone help line, details on their website.

I think it was me who replied as I am on both! Generally falling apart between skin issues and lymphoedema!

Hello Caz59, I was only diagnosed with Veinus Lymphodemia a week or two before Christmas 2016 and having recently attended my first Education Clinic session discovered that either of the conditions you mention can bring about the other. Which is also a surprise to me as the first time I caught Cellulitis the A and E doctor thought I had been bitten by a horsefly due to my many trips into the countryside that summer of 2015. I was immediately seen by a contagious diseases specialist and was hospitalized for 6 days and on an intrevienious antibiotic drip. I then had a follow up of a further 6 days by a visiting home team who set about with antibiotics on a drip, following this 2 further weeks of antibiotics was on the cards in an oral format.

I couldn't walk without screaming out in pain, getting in and out of a car was a major issue for me, My left foot was swollen more than normal, rock hard, very blue and red at the time, in-proportion to my body my legs are quite large and I am overweight, something the doctor mentioned wasn't helping. He also said that most people once they have had a bout of cellulitis have a second one within 2 years. Still the first time I had it, I was lucky, it hadn't reached the bone and now I know what to look out for regarding cellulitis, I feel certain I will be in a position to act quick enough to avoid any limb catastrophe's in the future.

Some people can get cellulitis or lymphoedema after surgery.

The Lymphoedema Support Network can help with leaflets. 02073514480

What is Cellilitis and Management of Cellu;itis in Lymphoedema.

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Frig love you hun you've been thru alot x

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