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Hello, I also have lymphoedema/cellulitis (non-cancerous) but need the toilet every 2-3 hours at night time to wee (just clear wee). Does this happen to anyone else please? I am exhausted.

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Do you currently have active cellulitis requiring antibiotics? Do you have primary lymphoedema - non cancer related? What age are you? Male/female? How long has this night-time 'activity' been happening?

Lynora hi. Yes I get several bouts of cellulitis and take clarithromycin 500mg. Yes I have primary. My age is 53 and I am female. This has been happening for a couple of years on/off but just lately it has been, as I said. I am sure that I wee about 1/2 pint of clear water each time I go. I get that "tired" of it I just sit in a chair in the end and suffer the swelling, tightness, itching of legs (husband puts cream on for me) so I do not have to lie down.

You must discuss this with your GP - and you could also do an experiment, when you know you have an appointment - catch and collect (empty, clean plastic milk bottles are very handy for this!) urine output over a 24 hour period. Using a marker pen, put marks at the various levels, together with the time that the urine was passed. You should be able to pick up a measuring jug in a local Pound Store or Poundstretcher - I would recommend you dispose of it after you've completed the experiment!

Any chance you could sit on a reclining chair, rather than using an upright chair to avoid lying down - to try and keep your legs elevated? Do you have any other problems that you are taking medication for?

What compression garments do you wear?

You and me alike i have tried everything -no food ore drink after 8 pm-wear knickers in bed to keep me warm - go to the loo the last thing i do and still i am up every 2 hrs ---the thing i dont do now is be temped to stay up a wile i go straight back and i now go straight back to sleep.

I am retired so i find that after about 5am i can stay in bed untill about 9am. If you are younger then you have my simpathy.

The way i look at it is that with the toxins you flush away at least you are getting rid of some rubbish as well.

Thank you for your help. I am 53 a female, married (no children). It sounds just about how often I have to get up but after the 4th time I give up. Yes I agree, it must get rid of something. Do you find that your kidneys get sore because of "going" so much?

I have lymphedema also, in both legs, as a result of repeated cellulitis. I also have to get up 2-3 times per night.I didnt make the link to lymphedema, but I asked for referral to the hospital, and now take a tablet night and morning to reduce frequency, as my bladder was oversensitive. , and for a year or two this has worked. It may be worth seeking a referral via your Doctor, to see a Urologist. I too go straight back to bed, and avoid being cornered by the cat, so I hardly wake up.

Exhaustion seems to go hand in hand with this condition. I get through the day by alternating activity and rest. I dont know if this is usual? I have diabetes/high bp and painful arthritis all going on, so I am always in self preservation mode!

Good luck with getting this investigated.

Hello Gypsywife. I too have athritis in my back. I am on morphine, m.s.t., baclofen, gabapentin, venlofaxine, diazapam, clamazipan etc., etc., I rattle. Back problem is inoperable so is controlled by these tabs. A while back my doctor did suggest taking a pill at night for the waking up reason but was afraid to because, well can you go back to weeing uncontrolled by pills eventually? I admire you for being a strong woman and coping with all this whereas I get so very stressed, cross and tearful over the lympho/cell., and then have to remind myself that there are people a lot worse than me. My cat thinks it is breakfast time whenever I am up, he just has some dreamies. Crafty, he knows.

I expect you've already checked that there's nothing else going on, but I thought it was worth mentioning that increased need to go to the loo is one of the symptoms of diabetes, as is feeling tired! Diabetes UK recently did a campaign on the '4 Ts' of type 1: tired, thirsty, thinner, toilet. My son has both T1D and primary lyphoedema, and as far as I know they are not connected, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Many thanks novembergirl for your comment. Doctor does a 6 month check as am on a lot of medication. However does your son cope with it?He must be a real strong person. I wish him better.

Thanks. He just gets on with it, and he's just started college so I think there's so much exciting stuff happening that it helps him rise above the day to day hassle. Happily his overall health is good just now :-)

I do the same, but mine is due to over-active bladder. I too take medication for this. This has been happening to me for several years, so I've just gotten used to it. I can go without turning on a light, so I'm only awake enough to do what needs to be done, not trip over the dog, and avoid the cat!

If I do a thorough self-massage (I have primary lymphedema in both legs) before going to bed, I can guarantee, I'll be up every hour! But my legs are always so much better in the AM! I don't do it nightly (maybe I should?), because I need to get SOME rest, even though I'm retired and able to sleep in or nap.

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Yes I get up 2-3 times a night....But I have found an interesting thing.. If I have a snack at say 9pm or around that time I manage to pull what I call an all-nighter..Yup I don't get up all night!!!!!

As I am trying to lose weight I don't often have that snack though...so I put up with getting up at night...I do remember a terrible time I had one night..I got up 9 times in the space of 3 hours.. THAT WAS TERRIBLE!!!!!

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Hi Ronlin 77, thank you for replying. 9 times in 3 hours I 100% have symphathy for you as I know how it feels. Your kidneys begin to feel sore and you get so angry with the lymphodema (I do) so angry I have hit the fluid with my hand to try and make it go away but it has just made my feet/legs sore, especially my toes. So I just suffered even more.

I will definitely give your idea a go, I will try anything that will help. Promise I will let you know what happens. Once again, many, many thanks for your help.

Absolutely,however I went to see a Urologist and this seems to be common among women as they get older. It's called Overactive Bladder. There are medications that can be prescribed however I haven't found one that worked for me. One made my mouth dry, they are expensive drugs over here in the USA . Check with your Doctor. It is exhausting with my wraps having to be readjusted each time. Good luck. Ink and UN

Yes i get up 3 times a night wee 250ml each time my last drink is at 9pm I get so fed up with sleepless nights as every 2 to 3hrs I wake up desperate to wee.

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