Hi everyone, for the first time in years I'm going abroad next year. I was lucky enough to win a holiday for two to Tobabgo (still can't believe it) Having had breast cancer, womb tumour, cellulitis, lymphoedema and a recent fall and stay in hospital I'm not sure who to contact for travel insurance and thought who better to ask than those who have similar health issues. Do you need exact dates, conditions? If so I'll need to get a copy of my medical records = more money!

I also mentioned it to my GP and said I'd like antibiotics to take with me in case I get a bite and cellulitis but she refused saying I'd need to get medical advice whilst there. Thinking of past posts I've read I think prevention/quick action is the key, any advice on this too please?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer on either points or both :-)

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  • Hopefully you will get lots of feedback. Here's what I gleaned from clients who travel a lot:

    Start with - for a quick search across the market. uk

    When I went to Sri Lanka in 2012, we were covered by RBS on my Gold Rewards account - does your bank offer travel insurance?

    As for travelling with antibiotics - stamp your feet! I took a two week supply with me for our 3 week trip, and didn't need to open them until the second to last day when a bite I hadn't noticed behind my right knee became hot/red etc etc .....

    When you simply cannot rely on local health facilities (hopefully Tobago will have recovered from the hurricane by next year) it is essential that you take responsibility for your own health. More so if you have experienced cellulitis before. The LSN have an excellent Travel leaflet, which you could staple to your GP's desk!!!!!

  • I'll print leaflet off and take with me to GP!

    Thanks for all the great advice. You do a great job on here x

    I was going to book insurance now but decided to wait till I've lost some more weight as I'm classed as obese at moment. Thanks again x

  • Agreed that it is essential to have your antibiotics with you! You need to act fast. Please insist on this one.

  • Thanks, I'm going to try again nearer the time.

  • When I declare lymphoedema as pre existing condition I am not asked about dates. I don't declare cellulitis as its a short term condition (Acute) and anyone can get it and I would not start a holiday if I had it. Agree with lynora about your GP.

  • Thanks Andy. It's not til next year so going to wait til turn off year and get it then. Trying to lose weight too and one of the companies wants that so lighter the better!

  • What company is questioning weight as part of cover? Sounds like discrimination - I would avoid them.

  • Staysure, only completed up to height then stopped at weight as by the time I travel I'll have lost around 4-5 stone and it'll look better!

  • Hi Broomie, congrats on your weight loss! Can you tell me what a stone is please, in relation to a LB?

  • There are 14lbs in a stone. I've broken my total target down into mini manageable targets as the total seems so far away. Keeps me motivated that way.I'd like to lose 5 stone for holiday!

  • Travel insurers now routinely request height and weight if you have declared Lipoedema.

    They didn't used to but recent publicity now means they know what it is !

    Not heard about it asked for Lymphoedema though.

  • Thanks to everyone for their advice. Very much appreciated xx

  • Just to say if you are 50 or over try AGE UK. They insure both my husband and I at a sensible price.

    We are both in remission from cancer, my husband has cardiac stents and I have severe secondary Lymphoedema, osteopaenia, Lipoedema and a myriad of other long term conditions.

    They insured us both for a 3 week holiday in France for just under a hundred pounds with no exclusions.

    As for your GP you need to ensure she reads the LSN newsletter and please encourage the practice to undertake the learning module. It's fully accredited, recently updated and counts towards their professional yearly learning tariff.

    If their ears are still shut suggest you ask to see the community matron and explain your situation to her/him.

    I always travel with my emergency antibiotics, and like Lynora I had to use them on my last day. I grazed my LE arm so took a prophylactic dose, overseen by my GP whilst I was away by email and then in person upon my return.

    Good Luck with it all 😬!

  • Thanks so much for all the info and advice. I'm not sixty for a while yet. I'm going to hold off getting insurance til nearer the time when hopefully I'll have shed a few more pounds.

    Take care and thanks again x

  • In fact AGE UK offer travel insurance for those aged 50 plus.

  • Broomie.....first and foremost, you need to "educate" your G.P. by giving him/her a copy of the guidelines on cellulitis in lymphoedema. Copy available from BLS or LSN website. Then tell them to read it and learn! It is recommended, and adhered to by most G.P's that you should take "just in case" antibiotics on holiday(or to keep in your own home). This way you can start a course immediately at the onset of cellulitis. The sooner the better to get a good result.

    On the subject of travel insurance. I use World First. Covered for EVERYTHING! Breast cancer, lymphoedema, and a recent cardiac arrest! Give them a call, it's free(the phone call, not the insurance lol).

  • It’s almost shameful to hear your doctor has failed you as a professional doctor. There is several go to medications to elevate severe problems as to not get sickness while abroad.

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