Body brushing for Lymphodema

A beauty therapist I know gave me a body

brush. She said she used it for lymphodema

massage. Gentle upwards circular movements. It makes sense as the lymph system is very close to the surface and MLD

is a very gentle massage as opposed to deep massage. So it's something we can do more easily ourselves.

I've tried it and it's very stimulating and leaves my skin refreshed and tingly. I think it improves the lymph circulation in my 'big leg'

from primary lymphodema. Asked my mothers' LD nurse ( we have primary inherited LD) and she says she has heard of it

and ' it works' Has anyone else tried it?

Does anyone know of any studies or instructions?

Thank you

Best Wishes


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There is lots of info on YouTube. Rather than circular movements, stroke/sweep upwards towards the heart.



I also have primary LE in both legs

Body brushing does stimulate the lymphatic system and promotes cell renewal. HOWEVER it's possible to do it wrong which can be counter productive to lymph drainage!

The most responsible utube video on the web that I've found for proper method to body brush the entire body (lots of pretend experts on Utube!) is in the link below

Brushing at least once per week is better than not at all :-)

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If I remember correctly the Lymphodema Support Network have a DVD on Lymphodema Massage. This massage involves gentle massage of the lymph nodes starting at the neck (where the lymph 'empties' into the veins) and then works down towards the affected limb. I think the idea is to clear a path for the lymph to follow going top down rather than 'forcing' the lymph through potentially constricted lymph vessels and nodes. Anyway worth taking a look at if you considering self massage.

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I have the DVD and like you said it works from the neck downwards. Its a nice simple DVD easy to follow


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