After bouts of cellulitis I feel as if my Lymphdema is a little worse regarding aches which now effect my arm and breast

I imagine my reconstructed breast to be bigger to. It's never hurt before.

My L nurse has moved and Norwich is under a new system which is not sorted out yet. I have tried Google but can't find as much info as I would like.

Can anyone fill me in please.

I feel as if I want more surgery to reduce my breast now.


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Were you taught self lymphatic drainage? I find this helpful when I have discomfort.

If you have niggles in/around your reconstruction, you should get it checked.

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Hi Lynora yes I was taught lymphatic drainage thank you. I think I will try contacting the breast care clinic see what they say.


so vexed for you honey. Try gentle exercise with your arm as well. Also try raising your arm above your head and stroking gently from wrist to armpit a few times, then bring your arm back down and stroke down from shoulder to wrist so that arm hairs are going the right way again. Hope this helps

from another arm lymphie!


Ah thank you for that, it makes you feel miserable doesn't it. It's when it disturbs sleep that's annoying to. 😞

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The last doc, that I saw, looked at my leg and foot, said it was odeama, and put me on water tablets, to take on alternate days, she said they would bring swelling down, so far have taken 3, each just before bed, only difference I have found, is I'm up every hour for a wee, have these helped anyone on here??... they are called"Furosemide" 20mg.


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