Cellulitis priority setting partnership news

I am on the Patient Panel of the Centre for Evidence Based Dermatology and in the latest newsletter I saw this

'The second stage survey for the cellulitis priority setting partnership will be live from the end of December 2017 for 6 weeks.'

I understand from the article that I will be sent more information about this including a link to the information and so I will post that when it comes x

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  • Hi Lovesradio thank you that's brilliant as I myself am interested. I have just got over another bout of cellulitis , each time it is different. This time I had a red hot hand and arm then red patches over my shoulder, my mastectomy scar was red to. I have my emergency supply of antibiotics.

    My lymphedema clinic is in a state of change at moment , been trying to make an appointment as my sleeves are uncomfortable.

    Anyway I shall keep a watch on here !

  • Thanks for that. I am also going thru a bout of Cellulitis right now - the horrid blisters developed an infection!! Must have done something wrong, though I don't know what? oh well - back to the antibiotics, and hope this time I avoid hospital.

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