Has anyone had trouble with nails especially toe nails. I have had lymphoid a for 21years from waist to toes. I wear compression hosiery usually open toed

I have a dog which I walk at least 3 miles a day and play tennis 4/5 times a week. At the moment I am a little overweight, I haven't managed to loose the weight I put on after a hip replacement!!! I have been seeing a chiropodist for the last few years who said oh that's because of your circulation due to the LE. Not really happy I went yesterday to another chiropodist who said I needed to see my GPS to have cuttings and scrapings taken and sent to a lab. She is sure it is a fungus which needs very expensive medication and GPS don't really like giving this cos of the cost. I am disappointed as I have wasted a year. However 2nd chiropodist said compression tights must be very firm as I have ringing on all my toe nails. You win some and you loose some.?

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  • I have lymphedema in b oth my legs wear lower leg socks like yourself open oe, Both my big toe nails are ruined, they are discolouyred and extremely hard grow cooked since I had this, my gp thought I had fun gal infection I had some bits sent t o the lab and it wasn't, so might be the same for you, but if you nedd the treatment then so b e it gp has to prescribe. There is a condition yellow toe nails which occurs in some medical conditions in different degrees.

  • Try using peroxide regularly. It is a natural remedy. Can't hurt to try. Might work.

  • What does your lymphoedema therapist recommend? A daily treatment with something as basic as Tea Tree oil may help the nail. Are you in the UK?

  • I am in the UK. Only saw chiropodist Friday. App. With GP on Tuesday. No one really in our LE clinic. I have an app for 12 month check up end of July. I had mentioned the nails but didn't get much reaction.

  • Hi Patsy Toes are strange little things. My big toes got some sort of fungus/infection the first said was from wearing n socks..... I have worn compression for ten years .. I hear My children repeating my scolding after bath time "come Mum between each toe".

    So 18 years after my Husband died the what ever it was suddenly disappeared and my toe has become good enough to flaunt again!! ;It takes time and courage of your convictions. One day we will smile together " silly old Toes"

  • Thanks😃😃

  • I had ongoing fungal infection in at least one toe nail (including at least one of my big toes). Nothing cleared it and lymph nurse worried about infection/ cellulitis (I am primary, both legs). Nurse wrote to my GP for me to be given lamisil tablets (very expensive & can cause liver damage). I was on them for 9 months & had to have regular liver tests but it worked (& that was probably 10 years ago).

  • I have trouble with my toe nails, I wear closed in knee high compression tights , I've been wearing them for just over 6 years.

    I developed a fungal nail infection mainly in the big toes and the other nails are in a poor condition. Both my podiatrist and GP have said its because of the compression tights as the nails can't breathe, and said medication wouldn't be a waste of time because it will keep reoccurring. Also the medicine would interact with my other medication so I have been advised to apply tea tree oil to the nails and keep having them cut back regularly by the podiatrist and to change my tights more often.

  • I wear full length tights open toed mainly for hygiene reasons. I change my tights every day and twice on hot or very energetic days. My problem is left foot ...big toe and all 4 toes and one finger nail. Will see what GP says and if negative will try the tea tree. Thanks for your reply.

  • I have primary lymphoedema of the left leg.

    The toe nails are thicker and more difficult to cut and the hair grows faster and thicker on that leg compared with the right. I wonder whether I should have my toe nails cut by a chiropodist because I have cut the skin, which creates an infection risk and took ages to heal.

    I would welcome how others manage hair removal although my legs only see the light of day on the beach. I've tried bleaching, which seems to be a safe method, and hair removal cream, which was ineffective. Nothing worse for me personally than a swollen, hairy leg.

  • Hi CarolineBae

    I have had primary Lymphoedema in both legs since birth. I wear made to measure closed toe knee high hosiery. I have my toenails cut and any hard skin removed every 4 weeks by my chiropodist. I shower every day , moisturise my legs and feet and change my hosiery daily, but on very hot days I wash my legs and feet again, moisturise again and change hosiery, but sometimes just leave the hosiery off in the evenings to give my feet and legs a chance to breathe! I do shave what hair I have on my legs but with an electric razor only - as advised by Lymphoedema nurse practitioner. I never expose my legs to the sun as this can further damage the skin, especially in my case as it is now so thin and fragile and I never use any other preparations on my legs.

    I use Double Base gel as a moisturiser (on repeat prescription from my GP)but I add to it some essential oils - lavender, rose, frankincense etc. just a few drops of each. I have carried out this regime for many, many years (I am now 75), and apart from an episode of once yearly eczema and/or cellulitis, the skin on my legs and feet is in not too bad condition. I don't have problems with my feet but do believe that the cost of my chiropody is worth it just for this alone.

    I hope this helps.

  • I also have very fragile skin on the knee to ankle part of my legs. If I so much as touch something with my legs or gently bump into something I get blood blisters (haematomas). Had the clotting checked out at my GPs all ok. But I realised from his reaction to my request he didn't think it was important. There's always something when you have LE. But having said that I have dealt with things fine until the last couple of years so could be slightly age related o LE just catching up with me. !!!!

  • I had toenail fungus and I can recommend you to read how to treat toenail fungus on . There are many helpful reviews on antifungal creams and drugs. Ask your doctor about Lamisil or Sporanox. Lamisil has terbinafine as its key active ingredient. Sporanox has itraconazole as its main active component. These medications stimulate faster growth of new healthy nail and isolate infection.

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