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footstool for lymphoedema?

I found that it strained the back of my leg over the space between the chair and the stool.I now feel it's better to have both legs up together on a sofa, so that they can be supported along their length with equal pressure. For a long time I had my heavy leg up on the sofa and the good leg on the floor, but am now getting recurrent sciatica and wonder if the inequality of pressure on my legs has caused this.

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You just had a lightbulb moment Jude4!!! It may be worth finding a good massage therapist or osteopath to help realign the lower back/pelvis/sacrum/hips, which could resolve the sciatica. I don't recommend footstools, unless then allow the legs to be elevated from behind the knee, rather than at the ankle. Reclining on a sofa, with both legs elevated, will be the better option. Now you just have to get someone to peel grapes for you!!!! :)


Thank you VERY much, Lynora! I did see the osteopath last week, and have another appointment in a fortnight. I suggested seeing him at 2 monthly intervals, but he said 6 monthly would be adequate. I have meds from the doc., but am being sparing with them. I need to take them at teaime, so as not to be woosy in the morning.

By the way, I eat the peel! But it's a lovely idea. And good to talk to you.

I really appreciate all your suggestions.


Yes I use a foot stool but it doesant help my arthrities in my hips having to lift it up n down all day long.

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