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Thanks for the advice on my tape, I'm taping the both breasts, the first time the nurse taped me up she went from my back around to each breast, I went away and had nightmares as I live on my own, but between then and my next visit I found out about Lymph ports in the groin area so now I'm taping from there up my tummy. With regards how long to keep it on I've been told it doesn't really matter how long it's on for, and how long I'm detaped for. At the gym where I go the guys had a word with a lady who works in the swimming pool and I'm meeting her Tuesday to do some work in the pool, and Sam says she'll put a programme together for me so I'll let you know how I get on.

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Ask your nurse about the foamy-wavy thing I've been given to use after three days of taping. This advice was given by a private lymphoedema nurse and an NHS one so it should be a sound advice.

Good luck in dealing with this problem.


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